1-4 High Multi-Option Offense

1-4 High Multi-Option Offense
Item# BD-03324

Product Description

with Sharon Versyp, Purdue University Head Women's Basketball Coach 15 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances, .704 winning percentage

Getting a good shot by the right player is what Sharon Versyp's 1-4 high offense is all about. This basketball DVD explores the many options and scoring opportunities available in Coach Versyp's spread attack.

All five players are involved in this motion offense with ball handling being a required skill. Using the dribble hand off, this offense creates mismatches all over the floor. The 1-4 high set spreads the defense and gives the offense a chance to attack open areas of the floor.

Three reliable entries get the offense started and are effective against any kind of pressure. With each different entry, the offense attacks defensive pressure with penetration, high low action or hand offs. This offense is effective due to interchangeable players and positions.

Switching and junk defenses are kept off balance due to the offense's versatility.

Increase ball security, shot selection and free throw attempts with this 1-4 high motion offense.

50 minutes. 2009.