25 Best Rebounding Drills

25 Best Rebounding Drills
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Learn 25 of the best rebounding drills for increasing competitiveness in your practices and your team's effectiveness on the glass
- Develop tough-minded players who play with physicality and fight for - and win - loose balls
- Keep opponents off the glass on the defensive end by developing solid block out technique
- Defeat block outs on the offensive end and grab extra scoring opportunities

Dana Altman - University of Oregon Head Coach, 2015 Pac-12 Coach of the Year
Tad Boyle - University of Colorado Head Coach, Four Straight 20+ Win Seasons,2014 Pac-12 Tournament Champion
Tom Izzo - Michigan State University Head Coach, 3x National Coach of the Year, 2000 NCAA National Champion
Ben Jacobson - University of Northern Iowa Head Coach, 3x Missouri Valley Coach of the Year
Billy Kennedy - Texas A&M University Head Coach, 2x Ohio Valley Conference Coach of the Year
Michael Lang - Indiana University Northwest Assistant Coach
Rob McClanaghan - NBA Skills Trainer

In order to build your team into a tenacious rebounding squad, you need to have the proper technique and mentality. We've compiled a collection of the best rebounding drills from our world-class coaches to help you build technique, skill, competition and a tenacious mentality.

Pac-12 Coach of the Year and University of Oregon head coach, Dana Altman, shows his competitive all-purpose Morningside Drill that has players working on closeouts, rebounding, and 1-on-1 skills. Learn how the drill can be altered with different score limits and alignments to vary the emphasis on different concepts.

You'll get seven hard-nosed, competitive drills to build rebounding "toughness" and fine tune rebounding techniques from Michael Lang. Included in this section is his 3-on-3 competitive drill that will challenge your undersized players to become more physical rebounders. To help speed up your outlets to start more fast breaks, Coach Lang shows his Catch It, Chin It, Pivot drill.

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo has his players run through four drills to dominate the boards. In the Dummy Avoid O-Board drill, players are working on moves to get past a defender for the offensive rebound. War is a 5-on-5 competitive full court scrimmage that places a special emphasis on rebounding.

The 3-on-4 Contest drill from Colorado head coach, Tad Boyle, overloads players to force them to communicate. This drill challenges three defenders to anticipate, talk, and scramble to contest the shot and finish with strong block outs to secure the rebound versus four offensive players.

NBA Skills Trainer Rob McClanaghan develops your players' reaction time and explosiveness to grab the rebound and finish strong with the O-Board Reaction drill.

In the Numbers Rebounding drill from Northern Iowa head coach Ben Jacobson, players must quickly react to a coach's call to close out to the ball, challenge the shot, and block out to secure the defensive rebound. In this segment, Coach Jacobson includes fantastic teaching points on block out technique for how to ride out an offensive player trying to crash the boards.

Texas A&M Head Coach Billy Kennedy adds two more drills to improve your team's rebounding. The Turn and Box drill is a form block out drill that gets your players quick repetitions at improving their technique. Finally, the 2-on-2 Help Side Rebounding drill focuses on help side defenders adjusting their positioning as the ball moves around the court, while still being able to finish the possession by making a great block out and getting the rebound.

Skip Prosser teaches the fundamentals for successful team rebounding philosophy and shares methods for making successful rebounding a source of pride for your players. He outlines players' rebounding responsibilities within each drill and makes every drill competitive, complete with example of consequences and rewards

Rebounding is a critical aspect of the game that can limit your opponent's shot attempts and can give your team extra opportunities to score. These rebounding drills from the game's elite coaches will help you raise the toughness of your team and dominate the glass!

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