All Access Basketball Practice with Danny Manning

All Access Basketball Practice with Danny Manning
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Product Description

Watch four live practices featuring a wide variety of strategies, skills and drills from former Bill Self assistant Danny Manning.
- Learn sets out of 1-4 high offense, including a wide variety of reads for each play
- See Manning's 2-2-1 three-quarter court press, which drops back into a 2-3 zone
- Get breakdown drills for defending specific offensive actions like ball screens, dribble hand-offs and staggered double screens

with Danny Manning, Wake Forest University Head Coach; former University of Tulsa Head Coach; 2014 Conference USA Champions, 2014 Conference USA Coach of the Year; distinguished member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame (2008); former University of Kansas Assistant Coach under Bill Self, 2x NCAA Champion (coach and player), NABC Player of the Year; No. 1 overall pick in the 1988 NBA Draft; 2x NBA All Star; 1998 NBA Sixth Man of the Year; member of the 1988 U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball Team (Bronze Medal)

Sit in on live practices featuring distinguished member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame and former Bill Self assistant, Danny Manning. Throughout Coach Manning's practices you will see individual defense, the 2-2-1 three-quarter court press, offensive sets out of a 1-4 high, transition game and more. And, great attention to detail!

Practice One
The Wake Forest coaching staff begins with the basics, both defensively and offensively. Proper technique for defensive movements and an attention to detail on offense is emphasized. Defensively, Coach Manning and his staff work on slides, making sure each player is low to the ground and making explosive movements. Closeout techniques are also taught. The Concepts drill reviews five of the core principles of man-to-man defense. This drill works on closeouts, defensive stance, denying the point-to-wing pass, fronting the post and reacting to the dribble while in help.

Offensively, the Demon Deacons review their sets out of a 1-4 high alignment. In a 5-on-0 setting, players walk through the plays without the distraction of dribbling the ball without intent. Coach Manning teaches strategy not only in terms of steps A, B, C, but also challenges players to recognize how to make defenses move to their advantage. His staff emphasizes the timing of cuts, the use of screens and the footwork involved with each play. This thorough review works on a wide variety of reads out of each play.

The disc concludes with team strength and performance training in the weight room. The Demon Deacons' strength coach meets with the coaching staff to show how the team is expending energy and the impact of recovery days on strength and performance workouts.

Practice Two
Coach Manning and the Wake Forest staff spend a significant amount of time working on their 2-2-1 3/4 court press, which drops back into a 2-3 zone. You'll see the press breaker the Demon Deacons run against this type of zone pressure. You will also see how Manning runs press breakers against man-to-man full court pressure and man-to-man sideline out-of-bounds 3/4-court pressure.

Defensively, Coach Manning uses breakdown drills to work on defending specific offensive actions like dribble hand-offs and staggered double screens. In the Shell Drill, the Demon Deacons learn how to take away front cuts and react to baseline dribble penetration. In this 4-on-4 drill the team reviews how to defend back screens and flare screens. You will see a great drill for working on "blitzing" or double-teaming ball screens.

The Wake Forest coaching staff ensures the team gets plenty of shots up in the Hurricane Drill, a fast-paced transition shooting drill that uses multiple basketballs. On the offensive end, the team is broken down into guards and post players for skill development drills. While the forwards work on scoring off front pivots and reverse pivots, the guards work on coming off ball screens and pin downs. From here it's all about learning to work as a team. Starting from a box-out situation, the team runs through plays 5-on-0 at the other end. Watch as Coach Manning's team competes in 3-team and 2-team scrimmages. In the final segment of the practice, you'll see how Coach Manning works on baseline out-of-bounds versus man-to-man defense.

Practice Three
In this light practice session, the team uses the "Shell Drill" to work on jumping to the ball and being in help position on each pass. Later in the drill, Coach Manning adds a post player to work on raking down on the post once he touches the ball. The second half of the presentation begins in the weight room where you see more of the exercises the team uses for in-season workouts. These exercises are designed to improve and maintain range of motion, flexibility and explosiveness, and they help prevent injuries.

Practice Four
Transition basketball is emphasized in Practice #4. In the Deacon Drill, Coach Manning's team works on the primary break in a 5-on-0 setting. The Demon Deacons stress hitting ahead in transition and utilize this drill to make sure everyone gets a scoring chance. The Disadvantage Drill, is a 5-on-4 break with a fifth defender trailing. You can use this drill to work on both transition offense and stopping the ball while shorthanded in transition defense. In the shooting, Coach Manning uses different drills to simulate shooting in transition, shooting against a zone defense and position-specific breakdown drills on ball screen actions.

375 minutes (3 DVDs). 2015.

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