All Access Basketball Practice with Lon Kruger

All Access Basketball Practice with Lon Kruger
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Product Description

Watch live practices featuring offense, defense and drills that will keep your players engaged and competitive during practice
- See Coach Kruger's "flattening out" technique for help side defense that prevents back cuts during defensive stunts on the wing
- Learn a technique to defend against wing ball screens that will make the screen less effective
- Get a simple 2-3 zone offense that will create advantages for your team and get you open shots

with Lon Kruger, University of Oklahoma Head Coach; 2014 Big 12 Coach of the Year; over 580 career wins; former Atlanta Hawks (NBA) Head Coach; The only Division I coach to take five different schools to the NCAA Tournament

In three of the first practices of Oklahoma's season, Lon Kruger looks to build his program (both offensively and defensively) from the ground up. Coach Kruger motivates and pushes his players through controlled practices that progresses from individual development, to breakdown drills, and finally to shell-based exercises that put the pieces together to make the whole.

This DVD contains positional skill development, man-to-man defensive principles, shell drill, man-to-man switching defense, man-to-man ball screen defense, 5-on-0 offense, transition defense, half court man-to-man sets and conditioning drills using the basketball.

Coach Kruger emphasizes communication in every drill the Sooners run and how it will be an integral component to the team's success or failure. He does an excellent job allowing his assistant coaches to be actively involved in drills and vocal in practice. Coach Kruger constantly communicates with his group, providing encouragement and corrective feedback. This is an excellent example of how to get players to work their hardest without yelling.

Day 1:

Defense is the main focus in day one of practice. Various shell drills focus on positioning, communication, being physical, covering cutters and help side. Transition defense focuses on forcing the opponent to dribble over half court. Trapping is shown, and players are taught the responsibilities for each level/line of Coach Kruger's defense. The coaching staff goes over how the Sooners will go about defending a wing or side ball screen and then go live, working on defending ball screens in a 4 vs. 4 scenario

Coach Kruger spends a good chunk of this practice session working on both transition offense and transition defense. You can get a feel from this practice that the Sooners want an up-tempo style of play. On offense, Oklahoma works on using the trailer for ball screens and ball reversal. They discuss patience for various actions to happen and work on getting open at the right time. Various options are covered for when certain actions are denied.

Day 2:

Coach Kruger and his staff pace the players through several drills (11 in total) that escalate from individual skill development, to skills in transition, and finally to offensive and defensive breakdown drills featuring specific elements of their schemes.

You'll see a lot of offensive breakdown work with 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 4-on-4 play. This encourages moving without the ball, screening and quality passing. This is helpful in the early part of the season to help develop chemistry among teammates and to break down some of your offensive actions. Players drill how to get open for ball reversals in their 27 or 29 actions. Coach Kruger also introduces the principles of his zone offense.

Defensively, Coach Kruger lays the foundation of their full court press by closing traps and recovering versus disadvantage situations in the 2-on-1 Full Contain and 3-on-3 Full drills.

Day 3:

This practice is similar in nature to the previous day, except with a shift in focus from mechanics to results. Coach Kruger continues refining his half court offense and defense while introducing his "43" full court man-to-man press.

The Sooners look to focus more on 5v5 play. The team works on their primary and secondary fast breaks in a 5-on-0 setting as a review. Eventually, they go up and down in a 5v5 full court scenario. Offensive execution in the half court is also emphasized. Coach Kruger works on zone offense against a 2-3 and the team also works on specific actions in the half court, such as 27 and 29. Coach Kruger continues to emphasize playing against pressure and using back doors in the offense. He teaches players how to use perimeter movement and the dribble to distort zone defenses.

In Shell Defense, players work on denying passes and getting into the ball to disrupt the offense as the scout team uses drives, basket cuts and pin downs. Oklahoma builds up to running their man-to-man press with 5-on-5 competition through two breakdown drills. The 2-on-1 Contain drill focuses on corralling the dribbler and trapping with great technique to prevent advanced passes.

Also on display are 12 drills that vary on the skill set to be refined, ranging from individual to team variety. Individual drills focus on shooting and rebounding, while team-based drills focus on the transition and communication components to team offense. Intermixed are situational breakdown drills to teach players how to read and react when faced with specific scenarios relevant to the offensive and defensive systems used.

This all access look into Lon Kruger's practices at Oklahoma will give you a taste of how one of the most consistently successful coaches in college basketball builds a winning team.

327 minutes (3 DVDs). 2016.

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