All Access Basketball Practice with Ryan Looney

All Access Basketball Practice with Ryan Looney
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with Ryan Looney, Seattle Pacific University Head Coach; 2013 Great Northwest Athletic Conference Tournament Champions; Ended the 2013 season ranked Number 2 in the country

Coach Ryan Looney opens the doors to a Seattle Pacific University practice to show how he has established a culture of tenacious rebounding effort and solid defense. The instruction he shares in this video package demonstrates how to develop the right habits for a highly competitive practice.

Disc 1:
Everything you need to know about implementing and running the swing offense is included in this disc of early season practices. Watch as Coach Looney leads his team through a well-rounded practice with segments on how to teach his swing offense along with drills for shooting and skill development, and breakdown drills for team defense.

The Seattle Pacific coaching staff spends a good portion of this first practice session running the swing offense 5v5 and breaking down the offense into its parts for position breakdown drills. Coach Looney emphasizes the transition offense with drills such as the 21 "continuous and fast break offense." These drills help condition players to score on the fast break or to transition into the offense.

During the defensive portions of the practice, Coach Looney works his team on defending the swing offense in a 5vs5 shell drill. Emphases include defensive closeouts to the ball and defending the side pick and roll.

Finally, Coach Looney and the Seattle Pacific coaching staff break down the team into guards and post players for skill development and shooting drills.

Disc 2:
In this practice session, Coach Looney shows the hard work and focus that he demands of his players to create a winning program. He builds on the previous practice with an emphasis on transitioning into the swing offense and building up the team defense with break down drills.

Again, the team takes part in breakdown drills for both the swing offense and individual skill development. During the skill development phase, post players work on back-to-the-basket moves and finishing through contact. Guards get shots up with three-man/two-ball shooting.

The Seattle Pacific coaches spend significant time working on defending side ball screens in a 4-on-4 shell drill, with a high hedge by the post player. Coach Looney also shares techniques on defending various other offensive situations, including baseline "stagger" screens and "pin-down" screens.

Coach Looney concludes his practice with a competitive 5-on-5 scrimmage that gives his team the opportunity to bring the day's breakdown drills into a game-like scenario.

This DVD gives coaches at every level a blueprint for a competitive practice that establishes a culture of toughness, rebounding, and defense.

265 minutes (2 DVDs). 2015.

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