All Access Basketball Practice with Tubby Smith

All Access Basketball Practice with Tubby Smith
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with Tubby Smith, Texas Tech Head Coach; former University of Minnesota Head Coach; over 500 career wins; NCAA Championship Coach (while at Kentucky); 2003 Naismith Coach of the Year, 2005 Jim Phelan Coach of the Year

Coach Tubby Smith provides an inside look at three days of intense workouts. From defensive principles to offensive entries to his annual coach's clinic, you'll see everything that contributes to his overall success.

Pre-season Practice #1
Coach Smith takes you through a typical defensive progression by demonstrating how he teaches closeouts as well as how he teaches players to defend 5-on-5 in the half court. You will see a 2-on-2 defensive drill where offensive players work on their off-ball screen action while the defense has to apply their techniques and defend their action. He uses the 2-on-2 drill to progress into 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 shell drill where players defend face cuts, shuffle cuts, give and go, and on ball screen action.

Coach Smith also works on several half-court entries in order to get his players offensive reps in the 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 setting. He finishes with a circle transition drill where players emphasize getting back to the basket and stopping the ball in the open court.

Pre-season Practice #2
Coach Smith introduces a 1-on-1 turn drill that leads up to a 3-on-3 defense of the UCLA cut, and a 4-on-4 drill that works on a fire pick and roll trap. Coach Smith demonstrates the importance of daily individual skill development as his team works on post and guard shooting. A great post entry off of a high-low set-up will help you maximize your post players offensive ability. You will get the chance to see Smith's zone offense as they scrimmage 5-on-5 in the half court and go through their dive offense.

Mid-season Practice #1
Take a unique look into a mid-season practice. Each aspect of the game is covered in this practice, however the time budgeted for each is adjusted from the pre-season practices.

Smith takes a bit more time to work on offensive concepts when during drill work. A great example of this is the "Inside/Out Shooting" drill. As the guards work on entry passes into the post, they relocate, catch the kickback pass and put up their shots. This is a realistic, game-like shot.

In the "1-on-1 Turn" and "2-on-2 Overplay," the fundamental concepts of good man-to-man defense are displayed. The team continues to work on these basic defensive drills as they build up, going 3-on-3, then 4-on-4 and eventually 5-on-5 transition. You will see how Coach Smith keeps his players fresh and focused during exams and winter break, when they have a long stretch between games.

This is a great look into the subtle differences that Coach Smith applies to his mid-season practices.

Mid-season Practice #2
In this second mid-season practice, Smith spends great deal of time working on the offense. It is clear that many of the fundamental concepts have already been put in place and focus on developing the whole instead of the part. During the offensive portion, Coach Smith works on a series of sets in the half court as well as some plays that will initiate their offense.

While there is a great deal of focus on the offensive end, Coach Smith still runs his players through a series of drills that support good fundamentals. For example the practice begins with a simple weave drill that leads to shots for all players. They also take time to work on feeding the post. The post drill they demonstrate not only works on this essential pass, but also incorporates skip passes and down screens.

Both the posts and the guards run through shooting drills to develop this key skill. Rebounding is also covered as it becomes clear that even though a major focus of practice must be on the offensive end, key fundamentals cannot be forgotten.

Smith puts everything together when he uses a 5v5 scrimmage where he unleashes his full court press.

Coaches Clinic
On the last day of this All Access, Coach Smith hosts a coaching clinic for local high school and college coaches. Although he takes his players through another practice, he spends more time teaching and breaking down drills and actions in order to help teach coaches. Coach Smith demonstrates the ball line defensive philosophy, which involves harassing the ball handler as he works from the top of the key. He also demonstrates more half-court entries and a zipper series designed to get back-door layups. He finishes his coaches `clinic demonstration by breaking down the press offense and 1-2-2 zone defense.

Improve your practice organization and execution by watching one of the best teachers of the game run his daily practices.

"I like the clinic style added to this All Access. You see the practice and the drill, but even better you hear just a little on why they do the drill." - Jay Martin, SouthLake Christian Academy (NC) Varsity HS & MS Girls Coach

462 minutes (5 DVDs). 2013.

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