All Access Basketball Practice with Tod Kowalczyk

All Access Basketball Practice with Tod Kowalczyk
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with Tod Kowalczyk, University of Toledo Head Coach; 2014 MAC regular season champions, led Toledo to a school-record 27 wins in 2014.

Upon his arrival at Toledo in 2010, Tod Kowalczyk instituted a culture of discipline and accountability for a program that had endured three straight losing seasons. In three years, he turned Toledo into conference champs and advanced them to post-season play.

Accountability is a theme that permeates every aspect of Coach Kowalczyk's practices. Whether it's a pre-practice video session, working on individual skills or full-court scrimmages, players learn to be accountable for their actions. Coach Kowalczyk's practices are perfectly balanced to develop the individual and the team, and his coaching style is honest, positive, and demanding.

This All Access package shows you how Coach Kowalczyk developed a tradition of great shooting teams at Toledo. Each practice has three dedicated shooting segments (at the beginning, middle and the end) to hone the craft. You will also see great examples of how to make your intra-squad scrimmages more competitive and productive.

These practices are well organized and competitive. Everything is timed, and all drills/scrimmages have clearly outlined score/time components and consequences for losing.

These well-rounded sessions are a great model for coaches who plan practices using the whole-part method.


Disc 1

Man-to-man offense, transition offense, defensive breakdowns and game-like shooting drills are emphasized in this segment. Coach Kowalczyk focuses on skill development with multiple segments for shooting and position breakdown drills. The Toledo staff uses mini-scrimmages with a 10-second shot clock to drill a fast-tempo offense designed to beat the defense down the floor for easy scoring opportunities. "Bang Bang" is a 3-on-0 transition offense drill that provides transition shots for point guards, wings and posts.

Next, Coach Kowalczyk uses a series of breakdown drills to work on defensive concepts like post traps, on-ball defense and helping the helper. The Rockets drill is a 4v4 ball screen defense drill, that Toledo uses to defend both high and side pick and rolls.

To close out the practice, Coach Kowalczyk works on late-game special situations in a full-court, 5-on-5 scenario. See firsthand how the Rockets play with a lead late in the game or trailing in the final minute.

Disc 2

In this practice, Coach Kowalczyk covers both sides of the ball with several fantastic offensive and defensive drills. Offensively, Coach Kowalczyk has his club play 5v5, running secondary break actions, motion offense and sets vs. man-to-man in a controlled scrimmage. Multiple shooting segments are included in the practice.

Defensively, players continue to work on their ball screen defense. The Rockets work on closeouts and containing the dribble in different station work. In their "Shell Defensive" drill, Toledo works on trapping ball screens and the rotations on the back end of the defense. Post players work to defend the post prior to the post entry and then practice "walling" once the offensive player catches the ball on the block.

Transition offense and defense are rehearsed using multiple drills like the "5-on-4 Transition" and the 76ers drill. Coach Kowalczyk demonstrates a break option that Toledo runs off of an opponent's free throw.

The practice ends with scrimmage sessions that shift the focus of each from secondary break actions to motion offense, and to set play execution. In addition, Coach Kowalczyk reviews baseline-out-of-bounds plays and a zone offensive scheme.

234 minutes (2 DVDs). 2015.

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