Steve Donohue: All Access Boston College Basketball Practice

Steve Donohue: All Access Boston College Basketball Practice
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Product Description

with Steve Donahue, Boston College Head Coach

Come along as Championship Productions gives you a first hand look into the Boston College Eagles' first days of preparation for the rugged ACC competition.

With this "all access" view, you will gain a great understanding of how you can add the "little things" into your practices and program to be successful. You will see how Steve Donahue builds a team that plays with hard cutting movements on offense, intense all out effort on defense and develops his group to play as a unit.

Individual Drills
Coach Donahue begins his practices with individual improvement drills aimed at reading the defense, shooting, ball handling and ball screening in his half court offense. Within these break down drills both post and perimeter players are taught to counter the defense with screening on and away from the ball with slips to the basket and pick and pop spacing, and how to force their defender to "bite" on a hard back door cut. These drills along with various shooting and passing drills, will give you insight into building a very skilled and spaced attack in the half court.

Man-to-Man Offense
Donahue teaches his whole man-to-man offense and shows how to run it in the half court, as well as transitioning it into the full court. In Donahue's shuffle cutting offense, players must cut hard to the basket with precision and timing; read the defense off of down screens, ball screens, pick and pop action, back cuts or rejects off of screens; and dribble attack at the basket for kick outs to the perimeter for open 3-point opportunities. Learn how he attacks zone defenses by using his overload theory. He also gives insight to his man-to-man sets, baseline out of bounds plays and situation plays to get a good look at the basket when the game is on the line.

Man-to-Man Defense
Donahue teaches his half- and the full court-man to man defense using 5-on-5 shell drills and rebounding transition drills. These drills teach rotation and communication on helping to cover up dribble penetration gaps, ball screen pick and pops and dribble hand-offs. Donahue also shows his pressure 1-3-1 zone.

Press Breaks
Learn how to break full-court pressure. See how Donahue stretches the defense as far as possible with the correct usage of the dribble to create angles, adequate reads of the defense and to stay low and fake high with the basketball.

This DVD is a "All Access Must" for coaches who want to learn how to build a cohesive team with ball handling, shooting and all out intensity defense to compete at a championship level.

316 minutes (3 DVDs). 2011.