All Access Iowa State Basketball Practice with Fred Hoiberg

All Access Iowa State Basketball Practice with Fred Hoiberg
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with Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State University Head Coach; 2012 Big 12 Co-Head Coach of the Year; 10-year NBA veteran and former executive with the Minnesota Timberwolves; in 2012, Coach Hoiberg engineered the biggest turnaround in Big 12 history (23 wins, including an opening round win over the defending national champion in the 2012 NCAA Tournament); In 2013 Iowa State lead the nation is 3-Pointers Per Game

After a top 25 ranking and a better than expected third place finish in the Big 12 Conference, Iowa State caught the nation by surprise as an up and coming program in the 2011-12 season. In just his second year as head coach, Fred Hoiberg has resurrected his former alma matter by instilling a pressure defense mentality along with a quick-striking, transition-based spread offensive attack. With an exciting, up-tempo style, Hoiberg's teams have ranked among the nation's top-50 in scoring in his first two seasons.

Coach Hoiberg invites you to the opening three days of practice prior to the 2011-12 season as the team prepares for an upcoming trip to Italy for a series of exhibition games. His focus in these practice sessions stays consistent with his core beliefs in developing a successful basketball team.

Up Tempo Offense - Hoiberg displays his up tempo offense in many of his drills. The Progression Drill in particular shows the build up from 1-on-1 full court play to their 4-on-4 full court shell drill.

Base Defense - Having a base defense that can deal with the many counters that offenses will throw at you is essential. His constant work in these practices with help-defense concepts is one of the highlights in this series.

Fundamental Skill Development - Hoiberg insists that fundamental skill development must be consistently addressed in order to help his players reach their potential as individuals and as a team. In this All Access set, each drill has a clear purpose and you will gain an understanding of how to build a practice plan with effective drills that keep your players engaged. You will also have the opportunity to see how the coaching staff is utilized throughout practice, giving you an idea on how to incorporate your staff and have them teach and take ownership of your team's success.

Coach Hoiberg has set a solid foundation at Iowa State. Through this All Access set you will get an inside look into why he has been successful, and you will receive a lot of tips on how to build that foundation for your team.

Disc 1:
Coach Hoiberg opens the DVD set by installing a series of quick-strike plays aimed at distorting the defense early in an offensive possession. The Post Set Series and 50 Series are implemented in a walk-through fashion. Drills stressing defensive close-outs, jumping to the ball, and defending the wing pick-n-roll (both towards the corner and middle) are run in succession as the coaches reinforce technique and positioning. Team defensive drills emphasizing the rotational patterns on the middle drive and baseline drive are also executed, as Hoiberg spends much of the practice heavily reinforcing good defensive habits.

Disc 2:
In disc 2 the Iowa State team spends more time developing essential offensive concepts. Their shooting program breaks the post players and guards up which allows the coaches to focus on the appropriate shot for their positions. The guards work some highly skilled moves including the "slide shot" during their workout. The Cyclones run a "dummy" offense in a 5v0 setting in order to review several of the quick strike offensive plays that he brought over from his time in the NBA. The practice ends with a live 5v5 scrimmage where Hoiberg keeps a watchful eye on play execution and all of the defensive axioms worked on throughout the day.

The disc continues with the opening of Day 2 of the practice week, with the team installing the "Blue" pick and roll defense (to coincide with the "Black" strategy installed on Day 1). As a means to defend the low post area, "Fire" is installed and the defensive rotations necessary are discussed and drilled.

Disc 3:
The video segment begins with the conclusion to Day 2 of practice. The Cyclones finish up the War Drill, a live action full court drill that limits action to a pre-specified number of possessions in order to have several teaching points remain fresh in the players minds. "Dummy" 5v0 offense concludes practice, as Hoiberg looks to review several of the plays that have been newly installed throughout both Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 3 begins with the installation of several more new plays including Bull, Power Set, Corner and Corner Back in a dummy 5v0 setting. The team enters group warm-up in order to get loose for the day's events. Dummy offense is then revisited, as Hoiberg now mixes his play calls amongst the several plays (including those just installed to open practice) in order to test player focus, concentration and execution. Several drills follow, including some new and some run over the past two days of practice. Screen-and-roll defense is then heavily reinforced and Hoiberg introduces the new Black Blitz technique for trapping off of a ball screen. The segment concludes with live 5v5 half-court shell activity whereby Hoiberg implements Fire, Blue and Black Blitz coverages all into live action.

Disc 4:
The final disc concludes Day 3 of practice, as Hoiberg continues to emphasize team transition decision-making and play recognition. In an attempt to simulate game-like conditions, Hoiberg puts the Cyclones through a full, live 5 v 5 scrimmage with on the fly play calls and timed segments. The practice day ends with a conditioning session based upon free throw misses.

480 minutes (3 DVDs). 2012.