Frank Martin: All Access Basketball Practice

Frank Martin: All Access Basketball Practice
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with Frank Martin, University of South Carolina Head Coach; former Kansas State University Head Coach; 2010 Big 12 Coach of the Year

This DVD was created when Coach Martin was at Kansas State.

Frank Martin gives coaches a complete view into what makes the Kansas State Wildcats so successful in the Big 12. With this "all access" look at the Wildcats first four practices of the 2010-11 season, you'll gain insight into the technique and work put forth by the Wildcats players and coaches to try to make themselves better each and every day.

The first days of practice are about establishing a base of fundamentals to compete at a championship level. Coach Martin emphasizes a full court "pressure" mentality with his players. His philosophy is built on teaching the whole-part-whole method of offensive and defensive concepts. His defense pressures the basketball in the full court and keeps the ball handler out of the middle of the floor. Offensively, Martin runs a disciplined motion offense with correct screening angles on and off the ball while encouraging both inside and perimeter play.

Learn individual improvement drills consisting of full court passing, entries into the post, attacking the rim with the pressure of a defender, sealing in the post, working high/low and shooting drills to gain correct repetitions for outstanding offensive fundamental play.

Martin implements his full court drills--1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and 4-on-4--then brings it all together in 5 on 5 transition drill that teaches his keys for successful full court disruptive pressure.

Through repetition of these drills and more, his players develop a "push the basketball ahead" mentality to get the basketball up the floor as fast as possible. During these drills, Martin emphasizes slicing to get the basketball to the other side of the floor; rim running the posts, which puts intense pressure on the defense in transition and leads to easy baskets; spacing on the court, attacking the middle with the dribble and looking to take advantage of post touches, flare screens and ball screens.

Man-to-Man Defense
Coach Martin pieces together his championship man-to-man defensive principles by breaking them down in individual and team defensive stations. In these stations you will learn Martin's "mirroring the basketball on the perimeter" principles and one-on-one closeout technique. You will see various defensive drills that teach correct on-ball defensive positioning, defensive rotation on dribble penetration, how to take away the ball handler's pivot foot, defending against the back screen, how to avoid multiple screens and stay with your man and more.

Motion Offense
The last part of the Coach Martin's practice is the breakdown of his motion offense concepts in which he shows the whole concept of the players' movements against man-to-man half-court defenses. Martin utilities the Carolina secondary action and allows the players to flow right in their half-court man attack. Players are taught to look high/low for an inside touch, set staggered screens, dribble hand-offs and ball screening on the wings and at the top of the key.

If you are looking to be a disruptive, pressuring, championship team--All Access with Coach Frank Martin is an instant hit.

486 minutes (4 DVDs). 2011.