All Access Oklahoma State Basketball Practice with Travis Ford

All Access Oklahoma State Basketball Practice with Travis Ford
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Product Description

with Travis Ford, Oklahoma State University Head Coach; 2008 NIT Championship Runner-up

Go to practice with Travis Ford and his staff as they build the foundation for their 2012-13 season. Using live, on-court practice drills and explanations, Coach Ford demonstrates how to build an attacking pressure defense starting with 1-on-1 drills and progressing to 5-on-5 full court defensive pressure.

Practice 1

Ford wants his team to play aggressive, full court defense and work together to stop dribble penetration and pass entry. Coach details how to properly closeout and deny your opponent the paint through various drills including 1-on-0 closeout and zig-zag.

As part of their season-long emphasis on rebounding better, Ford uses a competitive 4-on-4 circle rebounding drill to emphasize attacking the glass on the offensive and defensive end. He gives you drills that teach your players defensive techniques and strategies for defending the dribble hand-off, down screen action, ball screen action, and post play.

Practice 2

Coach Ford rolls out his offensive system and teaches you the basics and breakdowns for his "Power" Offense. Coach uses fundamental drills to build the necessary skills your players will need to be successful in any offensive system. He progressively works his way from individual ball handling against pads to two-ball passing, to individual shooting from game spots, to 3-on-0 transition breaks that include actions within the Power Offense. Watch everything come together with full court and half court 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations, including scoring options within the Power Offense.

Practice 3

In the final practice session, Coach Ford meshes his attacking offensive and defensive philosophies together. You will see how he uses 3-on-0, 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations to create a game-like atmosphere.

He uses a competitive 5-on-4 defensive transition to work on stopping the ball in the open court and preventing easy buckets. By creating disadvantages in practice, your team will be able to build an illusion on the defensive end that no offensive player is open for an easy bucket.

You will also see 5-on-5 half court possessions that demonstrate secondary break options and counter scoring options within the Power Offense.

This All Access DVD is a great choice for any high school coach looking to create an aggressive, attacking strategy that puts 94 feet of pressure on their opponents!

388 minutes (3 DVDs). 2013.