All Access University of Missouri Basketball Practice

All Access University of Missouri Basketball Practice
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with Frank Haith, University of Tulsa Head Coach; former University of Missouri Head Coach; 2012 AP Coach of the Year, 2012 Henry Iba Award, 2012 AP Big 12 Coach of the Year, 2012 Big 12 Tournament Champions, 3x NCAA Tournament Appearances, 4x NIT Tournament Appearances

2012 AP Coach of the Year Frank Haith gives you an inside look at how the Tigers have created a unique up-tempo style of play that attacks their opponents in the open court. Coach Haith takes you through three early season practices where they spend a lot of time teaching their players an attacking up tempo style of play. He starts teaching his up tempo style of play through a series of transition sets and press attack options.

Disc 1:

Learn seven different transition sets that Missouri uses to attack their opponents in the open court
Get four press attack options where Missouri looks to push the ball and create offensive advantages in the half court after breaking any press defense
Learn drills that Missouri uses to build their half court defense and improve their communication on a daily basis

Coach Haith uses full court drills and 5-on-0 situations to build and perfect their up tempo style of play. Haith emphasizes making a good pass and sprinting end to end to beat their opponents down the floor. He uses 5-on-5 full court situations to build both offensive and defensive transition.

Disc 2:

Get an inside look at how the Missouri Coaching staff prepares their practices to improve their communication, offensive spacing, and zone attack as the season quickly approaches
Learn how to use video from practice sessions to make players understand their thinking and action on the court in order to improve their decision making skills and basketball IQ
Learn to communicate and react to ball screens by communicating calls between post players and guards

Coach Haith dives into his second practice with an in-depth look at how the Missouri staff puts together their zone offense quick hitting sets as opponents try to take their inside presence. The staff discuss the importance of perfecting your passing game, especially in transition to make players flow. Haith and his staff use 5-on-0, 5-on-3, 3-on-0, and 5-on-5 situations to improve and teach spacing on the offensive end of the floor and continue to build their attacking transition offense. After shooting and fast break drills they run the players through defense. They work through closeouts, 1-on-1 drills, ball screens, transition defense, and shell drills. The practice ends with position shooting drills and dummy offense 5-on-0.

Disc 3:

Build a strength foundation that will help improve your players mobility, agility, and strength using players body as resistance
See a five possession series were players build their knowledge of out of bounds, zone offense, and man-to-man sets
Guard and post breakdown drills developing cutting, screening, and scoring actions within Missouri's offensive system

Coach Haith continues to lay the foundation for their half court offensive system developing spacing and cutting within their half-court offense. Haith puts everything together with Five Possession game. He uses 5-on-5 half court zone offense, side and baseline out of bounds, and half court man to man sets. Missouri's strength and conditioning staff then take you through a dynamic weight lifting and stretching session early in the season. You get the opportunity to pick up new exercises your players can do only using their body weight to strengthen their core and increase flexibility.

Disc 4:

Learn seven different ways to defend ball screen action
Get a 4-on-4 shell drill teaching how to defend pin downs/flares, staggers, and continuous corss screen and pin down action
Progressive defensive transition drill that focuses on communication and protecting the basket

In his third and final practice session, Coach Haith places a huge emphasis on the defensive end of the floor. He uses a competitive build up transition game to teach transition defense. In order to teach half court defense and place an emphasis on shrinking the floor your opponents have to play on, he spends time breaking down the Missouri defensive fundamentals. In Shell Drill, Haith focuses on defending pins and flares, staggers, and continuous cross screens and pin downs. They then mix it up with some positional shooting with the guards working on the drive and kick and post players with the high-low shots. If that wasn't enough, Haith and his staff teach you seven different ways to defend ball screens.

This All Access DVD is a must have for any level of coach that is looking to improve basketball IQ and learn to implement Missouri's attacking transition offense!

427 minutes (4 DVDs). 2013.

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