All Access Wichita State Basketball Practice with Gregg Marshall

All Access Wichita State Basketball Practice with Gregg Marshall
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Product Description

with Gregg Marshall, Wichita State University Head Coach; 2012 MVC Champs; 2012 MVC Coach of the Year; 2011 NIT Champions

Learn from Gregg Marshall, head coach of one of the nation's fastest rising programs with this inside, all-access look into the Wichita State Basketball program.

In this All Access practice session Coach Marshall takes you through three days of practice that begin the 2011-12 season.

Disc 1
Greg Marshall's first DVD in the All Access series is an intense and demanding session that focuses on their Motion offense and the build up drills used to enhance both the skill set of the player and their ability to play within the flow of it. Through each drill, Coach Marshall communicates what they are going to do and what to focus on while doing the drill. Numerous shooting drills, along with a screening drill and how to penetrate off the screen, are used to assist in the whole-part-whole teachings for their motion offense. The importance of when to pass to the receiver coming off the screen is discussed. Quick is a drill for their transition offense that also helps improve their reflexes and instincts. Near the end of the session the team plays live for 25 minutes of fierce competition. Marshall's constant feedback during practice provides valuable information for various aspects of the game that all coaches can use.

Disc 2
This session also starts with an inside look at a film review session with his players where he will often stop the film and physically demonstrate the appropriate moves inside the small film room. Coach Marshall uses a good amount of his time working his players in some key areas of defense. Making sure that his defenders know how to deal with a multitude of screens, closing out properly to the ball and always playing with effort are some of the keys worked on and stressed throughout the practice. As Marshall gets his guys running 5-on-5, we get a great look at the team's offensive strategies as well as the intense passion that Marshall and his coaches bring to each practice.

Disc 3
Coach Marshall gives you a great look at how they breakdown practice film. Marshall extensively works with his coaching staff to prepare film for his players to view in order to help them improve. You will see an hour-long film review session where the Shockers Coaching Staff discuss defensive strategy in detail. On the offensive end, Marshall and his staff discuss terminology they will use create a level of understanding where players and coaches can communicate effectively on both ends of the floor. They discuss offensive movement, spacing, post play, and transition offense that are positive and negative.

After breaking down film, you will get the chance to see how the staff implements and teaches using their short video clips in a team film session. You will see how players are given positive criticism to reinforce a good play while still showing negative plays to help the players improve their basketball IQ. Coach Marshall uses several coaching and teaching strategies to get his players to think about their actions on the court and how they can improve those actions if given the same situation.

Once on the court, Coach Marshall takes you through their individual work in the 1-on-1, 3-on-3, and 1-on-0 settings. He uses dribbling, ball handling, passing, shooting, and footwork drills to improve his players skills. His staff uses breakdown drills to work on points of emphasis that were outlined during practice film. Whether its post defense, offensive decision making, or various shooting drills coach Marshall and his staff will provide you with an in depth look at how to breakdown film and implement into practice to improve your players basketball IQ.

Disc 4
The final day of practice (before an off day) provides viewers an inside look at a full Shocker practice session. Coach Marshall segments the practice into alternating "hard" vs "soft" drills that begin with introducing the team to "shadowing" against the screen and roll. Defense against the stagger screen (as well as the baseline drive) is also discussed. Help defense is the main emphasis for the first portion of the practice, as instructional talking points are followed by drilled execution.

Individual skill development is on display, as the team engages in the "Shocker Shooting" drill that calls for each individual player to simulate the footwork and timing necessary while curling around a chair at the elbow, thus simulating shooting while cutting off of a screen.

The installation of the "Two Series" (a set of quick, offensive plays), followed by both a baseline out-of-bounds play and a sideline out of bounds play, are explained and demonstrated several times in order for the team to understand and execute each seamlessly. The final hour of practice heavily emphasizes transition defense, as Marshall orders a series of 4v3 and 5v4 full court drills that forces the defense to communicate, sprint back, and most importantly, execute help defense with timely rotations.

Whether you're a fan of the Shockers or a coach looking for an all-inclusive look into the efficiency, organization, and level of detail required to be a successful coach, this series has it all. Gregg Marshall and staff have provided the "ins-and-outs", the "how's" and the "why's" of developing a championship basketball program.

473 minutes (4 DVDs). 2012.