35 Best Ball Handling Drills

35 Best Ball Handling Drills
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Top coaches and trainers give you the secrets to how they teach players of all levels to develop tight ball handling skills!

- Learn how to organize and scale drills for different skill levels and see how world-class coaches pay attention to particular points of emphasis in each drill
- Get competitive drills for advancing the ball under pressure
- Add two-ball drills to challenge players and develop weak hand dexterity


Steve Alford, UCLA Head Coach; 4x Sweet Sixteen, 2x All-American
Ganon Baker, NBA/WNBA Skill Development Coach; World Renowned Instructor & Clinician
Henry Bibby, former USC Head Coach; 2x CBA Champions; 1973 NBA Champion (NY Knicks)
John Calipari, University of Kentucky Head Coach; 2012 NCAA Champion
Chris Collins, Northwestern University Head Coach; in 2017, coached team to 1st ever NCAA Tournament
Pat Clatchey, Mount Saint Joseph (MD) High School Head Coach; coached the 2009 McDonald's All-American team
Tom Crean, former Indiana University Head Coach; 2003 Final Four, 2016 Big Ten Coach of the Year
Kermit Davis, Middle Tennessee State University Head Coach; 3x Conference Coach of the Year
Johnny Dawkins, University of Central Florida Head Coach; 2x NIT Champions; 1986 Naismith Player of the Year
Lyndsey Fennelly, All-American (Iowa State University); named "One of the top 5 point guards in US" (by ESPN)
Seth Greenberg, former Virginia Tech Head Coach; 2x ACC Coach of the Year; ESPN Analyst
Tom Izzo, Michigan State University Head Coach; 2016 Naismith Hall of Fame; 2000 NCAA Champions
Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University Head Coach; 5x NCAA Champions; 3x Olympic Gold medal-winning coach
Micah Lancaster, Skill Development Coach; 3x All-American
Phil Martelli, St. Joseph's University Head Coach; 2004 Naismith Coach of the Year
Rob McClanaghan, Professional Basketball Trainer; clients include: Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose
Sean Miller, University of Arizona Head Coach; 3x Pac-12 Coach of the Year
Kevin Sutton, University of Pittsburgh Assistant Coach; 2x High School National Championship; USA Basketball's Nike/USA Basketball Hoop Summit head coach

Ball handling is the first building block of creating an offense that is able to minimize turnovers and maximize the value of each possession. This video combines some of the best lessons and drills from some of Championship Production's best selling coaching videos. It's a virtual encyclopedia of ball handling drills for every situation; whether it's breaking full court pressure, setting up defenders, or finishing at the rim. With over two hours of solid instruction - no filler here - each segment gets right to the point and shows players and coaches demonstrating each drill.

Warm-Up Drills

Seth Greenberg introduces a warm-up drill that is designed to improve dribbling skills with both hands. This 4-minute daily drill at the start of practice works on being able to execute a variety of dribbling actions that translate into game situations with either hand.

Another two-ball warm-up drill presented by Lyndsey Fennelly works on developing the ability to face up when dribbling by working on dribbling two basketballs and going between the legs.

Kermit Davis uses a heavy basketball for his Heavy Ball Pound. This drill requires the player to dribble a heavy basketball and execute basic dribble moves to develop hand-eye coordination and strength.

To improve dribbling in an open court situation, Tom Izzo demonstrates his Open Court drill. This full-court drill sets up situations where a player must be able to dribble forward and backward before exploding to the other end of the court and finishing with a lay-up.

Individual Skill Work

Steve Alford introduces a basic drill that works on figure-eight dribbling and weaving with the dribble. The Ball Cone Drill can be used at different skill levels and with a variety of dribble moves.

For point guards, Duke's Slide and Jab Drill helps create a technique for creating space with the dribble and with footwork to shake a tight defender. Likewise, Slide and Step Back works on creating space by simulating an attack before using a step-back dribble to shake off a defender, create space, and find an available passing lane.

Team Skill Work

Tom Crean presents a drill that incorporates shooting along with change of direction and executing dribble moves. One aspect of the drill works at changing direction and making a middle drive to the basket. The other aspect works on pulling up for a mid-range jump shot off of the bounce.

Phil Martelli begins with stationary dribbling at the start of his drill before incorporating changing hands with the crossover, yo-yo dribbling, and the inside-out dribble. This drill is used at the start of his practices and is designed to improve ball handling skills for all of his players.

Coach Martelli follows up with a drill requiring players to become creative with the way in which they finish at the rim. Working with crossovers in the open floor, players finish with creative lay-ups and floaters to simulate ways to finish at the rim while attacking the basket off of the bounce in a fast break situation.

To develop ball quickness and footwork, John Calipari demonstrates a drill in which change of direction dribbling is utilized. While players work on lateral movement down the floor, they also work on dribbling between the legs and behind the back.

This video provides you with the necessary drills and lessons to build your players' ball handling skills. While ball handling is the focus, there are some great combo drills as well that let athletes work on shooting and conditioning. The coaches' insight into training and the game are second to none. Don't miss your chance to build a solid ball handling foundation for your team's offense!

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