35 Best Shooting Drills

35 Best Shooting Drills
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A one-stop shop for a variety of drills to help your players become better shooters!

- Learn the complete science of shooting for all facets of the game - from post to perimeter play
- Get drills to train your players to knock down more shots in transition

Steve Alford, UCLA Head Coach; 2x All-American
Rick Barry, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame player; NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team
John Calipari, University of Kentucky Head Coach; 2012 NCAA Champion
Sherri Coale, University of Oklahoma Women's Head Coach; 6x Big 12 Champions
Chris Collins, Northwestern University Head Coach
Johnny Dawkins, University of Central Florida Head Coach; 2x NIT Champions
Billy Donovan, Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach; 2x NCAA Champions (Florida)
Kevin Eastman, 2008 NBA Championship (Boston Celtics)
Fred Hoiberg, Chicago Bulls Head Coach
Tom Izzo, Michigan State University Head Coach; 2016 Naismith Hall of Fame; 2000 NCAA Champions
Terry Layton, Nike Basketball Global Scout/Consultant; Nike ELITE talent scout
Phil Martelli, St. Joseph's University Head Coach; 2004 Naismith Coach of the Year
Sean Miller, University of Arizona Head Coach; 3x Pac-12 Coach of the Year
Bill Self, University of Kansas Head Coach; 14x (Consecutive) Big 12 Champions; 2008 NCAA Champions
John Tauer, University of St. Thomas Head Coach; 2016 NCAA DIII Champions; 2x DIII Coach of the Year
Jay Wright, Villanova University Head Coach; 2x NCAA Champions ('16 & '18); 2x Naismith Coach of the Year

Championships are said to be won on the defensive end, but if your team isn't able to knock down open jump shots, you'll have a hard time reaching your ultimate goal. This video packed with shooting drills from the best coaches and programs in the country gives you all the tools necessary to address this issue.

Warm-Up Drills

To become a better shooter, an appropriate warm-up is a must. Fred Hoiberg introduces the warm-up he did as a player starting from his days playing youth basketball to the end of his career in the NBA. Coach Hoiberg starts close to the basket and moves out as he starts to increase his range while maintaining his shooting form.

Phil Martelli shows a warm-up drill that is designed to work on shooting from the side. This drill can be done in a practice format with four players on a basket shooting two basketballs. The drill moves to the "game spot," an area where players shoot from most often.

One of the best shooters ever, Rick Barry, demonstrates fundamentals for the jump shot. An all-time great shooter, Barry discusses how to shoot the basketball using the right form and mechanics, especially the concept of shooting the basketball "up to the basket."

Terry Layton presents a shooting drill that he learned from the Brazilian national team. This drill incorporates cutting, passing, catching, and outside shooting.

John Tauer covers three keys to shooting: the ball going straight, the ball going up, and the ball going the correct distance.

Transition Shooting

Chris Collins presents a transition shooting drill that is designed to work on getting players to shoot on the move. The drill emphasizes footwork and finishing lay-ups against contact. The drill then progresses to making a pull-up jump shot.

Steve Alford teaches how to catch and shoot on the move. Using tight cuts, pop cuts, and flare cuts off the catch, Coach Alford's drill places an emphasis on executing game shots at game speed while developing footwork.

Big Man Shooting

Kevin Eastman demonstrates the McHale Drill. This chair drill teaches the mid-range jump shot and scoring the basketball off of a rebound.

Big men must have that one "go-to" move that makes them effective scorers in the low post. Tom Izzo demonstrates the technique to shoot the jump hook. The drill evolves to catching the ball at the elbow, utilizing the rip-thru move, and attacking the basket.

Shooting Drills

Sean Miller presents a wing drill that can be used to develop shooting from behind the 3-point line. The Celtic Drill can be done with one or two players in 5 minutes. From seven spots, a shooter must make two shots in a row from one spot before moving on to the next one.

Team Shooting

Jay Wright presents a three-player shooting drill that involves a passer, shooter, and rebounder in the same drill. Coach Wright's drill is designed to create good habits for all three players by executing a v-cut, catching the basketball, and shooting in rhythm. Executing pivots with the inside foot is emphasized.

The Five Man Shooting drill from Bill Self focuses on making 160 15-foot jump shots in 5 minutes with three shooters going on a basket at the same time.

With the growing popularity of drive-and-kick offenses that take advantage of collapsing defenses, Chris Collins demonstrates a series of drills to work on drive-and-kick actions that lead into open 3-point shots. Using the principles of baseline and middle drives, Coach Collins shows how to spot up for shots at the point and in the corners for open 3-point jumpers.

Sherri Coale shares one of her favorite shooting drills, Two-Ball Shooting, to develop her team's motion offense. Utilizing two passers, the drill has a screener and a first cutter with the two working together to execute screening action found in motion offense.

A drill designed to move the ball quickly with the pass to get an open jump shot in the corner is presented by John Calipari. His drill makes players execute at game speed and shoot game shots.

This video provides a smorgasbord of drills to improve shooting fundamentals at any level of basketball. The perfect reference for developing a great shooting team!

216 minutes (2 DVDs). 2017.