How to Coach Free Throw Shooting

How to Coach Free Throw Shooting
How to Coach Free Throw Shooting
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with Gary Boren,
Dallas Mavericks Shooting Coach
In 2003, the Dallas Mavericks set an NBA record of 49 straight free throws in a playoff game!

The free throw is the single most under-practiced art in basketball and yet, year after year, it comes up as one of the most influential keys to a team winning or losing. Coach Boren covers every aspect of how to coach shooting from catching the ball to the proper alignment and finally, the attitude of the shooter.

The techniques that Boren demonstrates are revolutionary in the science of shooting. Some key points of that are discussed are the importance of technique, seeing the perfect shot, shooting mechanics, the importance of your mind, and knowing how to become a scorer.

The teaching points need to be practiced daily to allow players to build muscle memory and help them become more instinctual. Players at any level can reap the benefits of this great video!

70 minutes. 2003.