Jim Calhoun: Set Plays for Your Offensive Attack

Jim Calhoun: Set Plays for Your Offensive Attack
Jim Calhoun: Set Plays for Your Offensive Attack
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Keep opposing defenses scrambling with constant motion throughout your offensive possessions!

- Create tempo by attacking with a secondary break offense to find scoring opportunities through organized action before the defense can set up

- Flow into the second phase of your offensive attack with four different set plays so the defense can never get set versus your constant motion

- Run seven different "Need" plays from half court, baseline inbounds, and sideline inbounds to score in any crunch time situation

with Jim Calhoun, 2011 NCAA Championship Coach - only the fifth coach to win three NCAA titles (2011, 2004 & 1999); member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (Class of 2005); 17 Big East Championships (10 regular season 7 tournament titles); over 850 career victories

Hall of Fame Coach Jim Calhoun gives you an inside look into the offensive system that formed the basis of three NCAA Championships. This offense is based on a philosophy of pushing tempo and preventing the defense from ever setting up by keeping your players in constant motion.

Starting from transition offense, you will learn options for attacking the defense at different points in your possession. Coach Calhoun also shows you seven "need" plays for scoring in special situations. If you have a team that looks to play with a traditional lineup of three perimeter players and two post players then this offensive system is perfect for you.

Transition Offense

See how you can "Push & Look" to find early scoring opportunities in your transition offense. Coach Calhoun will show you how to flow into a secondary offense that led to UConn scoring 63% of the time. Vary your attack with the "single" and "double" plays in your early offense. Coach Calhoun will explain how to space your perimeter players and score through your posts in transition by securing great position in the paint.

Half Court Offense

The next layer to Coach Calhoun's offense is after the secondary break fails to create a scoring option. He demonstrates four set plays he uses to structure player movement with various cutting and screening actions. These include stagger screens in Corner to simultaneous pin and flare screens in Chase.

Swing will incorporate the popular floppy action and Shuffle uses a flex screen to create a great high/low opportunity for your players. These actions can be run continuously or flow into ball screening action late in a possession.

Need Plays

Coach Calhoun is also a big believer in having a collection of set plays for when you need them in critical situations. You will get a chance to see an assortment of these "need" plays for various moments in the game. You will learn the Power and Circle plays for half court situations where you have to score. Coach Calhoun demonstrates three baseline inbound plays from his Jazz series to free up players off back screens or double screens. You will also learn two ways to score on sideline inbound situations.

Coach Calhoun shows you brilliant strategies for scoring on regular possessions and at critical moments when the stakes are high!

This video was originally titled "The Attacking 3-Out, 2-In Motion Offense." The title has been updated for clarity.

50 minutes. 2004.