Jay Wright: Defensive Progression Drills & Techniques

Jay Wright: Defensive Progression Drills & Techniques
Jay Wright: Defensive Progression Drills & Techniques
Item# BD-02530C

Product Description

with Jay Wright,
Villanova University Head Men's Basketball Coach,
NCAA "Sweet 16" (2005),
Philadelphia Big Five Eastern College Coach of the Year

Aggressive, no-nonsense defense is a trademark of Jay Wright's teams. On this video you will see how Villanova's man-to-man defense is built from the ground up with on-court demonstrations and key drills. Because of the great talent Villanova faces every game, Wright focuses on drills that will help contain quick, skilled ball handlers.

This excellent teaching tool progresses from individual defensive stance, to one-on-one, two-on-two, and three-on-three in the half- and full-court. Wright stresses pressure on the ball, stance and vision away from the ball. To counter the 3-point shot, the 2-on-2 Whack Out drill will show how to close out on shooters and still contain the ball handler.

The term "line of the ball and level of the ball" are illustrated in the Wildcat's 2-on-2 full-court drill. The versatile 2-on-2 in the Post drill focuses on perimeter defense as well as defending the post. Helping on the post is a concept introduced once the offensive post has the ball inside.

The cornerstones of the DVD are defending on the ball, jumping to the ball, playing cutters, playing off the ball and reading help. This has great application to high school and junior high basketball. The concepts drilled are fundamentally solid and time-tested ingredients that contribute to Villanova's defense prowess!

70 minutes. 2006.