2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense

2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense
2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense
Item# BD-02756A

Product Description

with Bill Fennelly,
Iowa State University Head Woman's Basketball Coach

Coach Fennelly's coaching career is the epitome of solid defense, great shooting and consistency. His teams value the ball, shoot the three at a high percentage and play good defense.

Fennelly is passionate in his belief in the zone. Benefits of playing zone include avoid fouling, protect someone who is in foul trouble, hide someone who isn't a great defender and to defend the other team's best player.

Fennelly demonstrates four key areas of the zone: Bumping players off, which is the core of the defense; guarding the high post player, the gray area and double teaming on the block. Specific zone situations in this DVD are ball in the high post, short corner and ball on the block. A good zone can handle all three situations, as seen on this presentation.

A key teaching point is moving with the ball to arrive when the opponent catches it. Trapping situations are also covered. He also includes two great drills - 5 v 4 and 6 v 5. Fennelly shows how to take the best player out of the game. After installing the parts of the zone, the Cyclones go live in 5-on-5 half-court play.

45 minutes. 2007.