Paul Hewitt: Individual Player Instruction

Paul Hewitt: Individual Player Instruction
Paul Hewitt: Individual Player Instruction
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with Paul Hewitt, former head coach at Georgia Tech and George Mason University; 2004 NCAA Runner-Up

Coach Hewitt calls individual instruction "the most important part of coaching." Whether players aspire to be a good high school player, be recruited by a college or even to go on to play in the NBA, it's a coach's obligation to keeping pushing them to improve. Hewitt lays out the foundation of his instruction program that has been so successful at Georgia Tech.

He begins with a warm-up segment that includes full-court dribble, two-man passing, three-man weave and defender chase drill. Passing and cutting comprises the next phase. The pass and cut drill makes players be active with the ball and skills are developed without using the dribble. Catching on a one-two count is taught in detail and is seen in the catch and shot fake drill. Other offensive breakdown drills include 4 out/1 in drill and diamond passing.

Hewitt takes a unique approach to half court offense. He concentrates on filling spots on the floor and reacting to basketball penetration. In the half court area, Hewitt demonstrates where shots come from, how players react to driving to the basket and catch preparation. Special attention is given to ball reversal, baseline drive and middle drive. Hewitt also shows the screening series on the elbow and its many options within half court offense.

74 minutes. 2007.