15 Drills for Ball Security and Toughness

15 Drills for Ball Security and Toughness
15 Drills for Ball Security and Toughness
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with Pat Clatchey, Mount St. Joseph's (MD) High School; 2009 McDonalds All-American coach

Is your team soft with the ball? Does your team turn it over more than you would like? Don't let turnovers keep you out of the win column. 2009 McDonalds All-American coach Pat Clatchey shows you how to make the most of each possession. His ball security and toughness drill package will develop a sense of confidence and aggressiveness in your athletes.

His drills combine toughness, ball handling, decision making, pivoting, passing, catching, balance, shooting and finishing at the basket. Learn how ripping the ball cuts down on turnovers and increases good shots. Clatchey shows you how to maximize player involvement when using these drills to guarantee multiple reps. Add competitive elements to these drills make them challenging and game-like.

Additional features include post feeding, one-dribble separation, explosive offensive moves, breaking pressure and transition basketball. With this excellent basketball drill package you can add ball security and toughness to your program.

61 minutes. 2009.