Bill Cartwright's Dominate the Paint! Post Moves and Fundamentals

Bill Cartwright's Dominate the Paint! Post Moves and Fundamentals
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with Bill Cartwright, Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach; former NBA player with the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Seattle Supersonics; 5x NBA Championships (3x as a player, 2x as an assistant coach); NBA All-Star (1980); NBA All-Rookie First Team (1980); 2x All American at the University of San Francisco

Now you can learn essential post fundamentals and moves from 5x NBA Champion, NBA All-Star, first round draft pick and 2x All American post player, Bill Cartwright. Cartwright takes coaches and players on a journey through the fundamentals of low post play. He breaks down the position like a surgeon and builds a web of options and reactions that will take advantage of the post defender, even if he's in good position.

Learn the key concepts that every post player needs to know in order to win the battle inside: How to get open, where to attack once you have the ball, how to make yourself faster, stronger and harder to guard, how to hold off your defender by moving your legs, and how to receive the ball in a position that will maximize your offensive options.

Building on these techniques, Cartwright will help you develop a go-to move, a counter move, and a counter-the-counter move. You will learn the drop step, hook shot, jump hook, jump shot, front dribble hook, windshield washer, high side reverse jump hook and more. All of these moves are also taught off a high side reverse pivot and a reverse pivot baseline rip, which will create space for you to quickly read the defense.

Coach Cartwright shows you how to out-think your opponent and stay one step ahead of them, always prepared to react to whatever action the defense throws at you. Post players also need to keep their teammates involved by passing out of the post if they get pushed off the post or if they don't have the proper the footwork.

With Bill Cartwright's arsenal of post moves and fundamentals, you will be a hub in your offense, not a hole. Develop an arsenal of moves in the post that will keep your opponent guessing and allow you to dominate in the paint!

62 minutes. 2012.