The Blitz Secondary Break

The Blitz Secondary Break
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Learn how to train your players to attack on the run, read the defense and get quick baskets.
- Learn a great secondary break offense that allows your team to attack the defense before they get set up
- Discover how your team can flow into difficult-to-defend actions out of your secondary break
- Learn breakdown drills for guards and post players that teach the offense and that develops the skills to run it

with Lindsay Gottlieb, University of California Women's Head Basketball Coach; 2013 Pac-12 Coach of the Year; 2013 NCAA Final Four; 2013 Pac-12 Conference Champions

Using a whole-part-whole teaching method, Cal Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb shares the secrets of her up-tempo offense. Coach Gottlieb breaks down all of the scoring options in her primary and secondary transition offense. With two different looks-each with a second look-to get into these quick attacks, these attacks are terrific ways to score fast baskets. You'll learn the individual and team drills needed to prepare players for this style of play. Coach Gottlieb will also show how the system can be altered based on personnel to make it more perimeter-oriented or focused on feeding the post.

Secondary Break
This early offense is based on flowing into a secondary break that spreads the court and allows players to utilize their skill sets to make a play.

Coach Gottlieb starts by showing whole concepts as players walk through the many different looks that can be used in the secondary break. These quick walk-throughs help the viewer see how each piece is connected. Within these looks the team has a significant number of natural options. Learn multiple ways to score in the initial break based on how the ball is advanced up the court. A ball reversal creates seven additional actions that can be tailored to the skill set of the trailer. This gives you the flexibility to play with big or small line-ups as well as ways to find scoring options inside or through perimeter play.

You'll see several additional options in the blitz secondary option, which includes two-player actions, strong side triangles, and clear outs to convert the early offense into a spread alignment. You'll also see how Coach Gottlieb adjusts this look if she has a stretch 4 on her team. As a second option, Coach Gottlieb shows how to flow into the secondary break using drag ball screens in transition.

Individual Breakdown Drills
Once all of the components of the offense are put into place, Coach Gottleib divides the court into different areas to work on specific breakdown drills that develop chemistry and detail. These drills are essential to learning the offense and developing the skills necessary to effectively run it. In the drill series for guards, you'll see how to develop transition jump shots, attack the rim, play off penetration and kick, and use on-ball screens to score. For the post players, you'll learn how to create early post ups, score 1-on-1 in the post, attack from the top of the key, and break down different screening actions in the offense.

Team Breakdown Drills
Coach Gottlieb also shares her transition series of team drills used to breakdown early offense. The transfer drill works on igniting the break from defense to offense with a fast outlet, thus building the habit of playing fast. The drills here mimic the game from rebound to score. Various scenarios are practiced, based on the outlet pass and the first pass available to become more efficient in advancing the ball.

While the first and second options in transition are easy to explain, they still must be practiced at game speed to be successful. Coach Goetlieb shares her transition drills series. The team practices in 3-on-0, 4-on-0, and 5-on-0 setups with no predetermined scorer to teach players that each one of them must be ready to score. In the 3-on-0 series, players rehearse four different scoring options with the ball side players. Train your players to score quickly by reversing through the trailer with the 4-on-0 series. Use the 5-on-0 series to learn how to flow into the secondary break when your initial options don't create an early scoring opportunity.

The "Finishing Clinic" works on finishing the shots out of the secondary break at a high percentage. This is a great series of drills to get players working on both the offense and getting the shots up, which they must be able to do in order to be successful at game time. While players believe they are just "working on their shot," they are actually getting more comfortable and practicing the shots they will get in a game. Hence they not only improving their scoring, they're also learning to recognize their opportunities out of the offense.

Finally, the 5-on-5 transition game is a scrimmage that develops an attack mentality in players by having them stay on offense for consecutive possessions

If you're looking to add an up-tempo transition offense that will blitz your opposing defense then Coach Gottlieb has the breakdown you need.

81 minutes. 2015.