Bob Knight: Encyclopedia of Zone Offense

Bob Knight: Encyclopedia of Zone Offense
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with Bob Knight, former head coach at Texas Tech and Indiana University; Over 900 career wins, 3X National Championship Coach, Five Final 4 appearances; 4X National Coach of the Year;1984 US Men's Olympic Coach (Gold Medal)

Bob Knight opens his championship playbook and shows you how to beat zone defenses. Using the same concepts he used to amass over 900 career wins and three national titles, Knight doesn't just coach his zone offense, he teaches it.

In this on-court clinic presentation, Coach Knight teaches you everything you need to know about playing against a zone defense. Included are his concepts and rules for:

Player Positioning - Learn concepts for proper positioning that will allow your players to play to their strengths

Ball Movement Against the Zone - Teach your players to see the court and use pass and shot fakes

Penetrating a Zone Defense - Create 2-on-1 match ups for better scoring opportunities

Working Inside - Fight for floor position and then catch the ball and observe

Versus 2-3 Zone - Coach Knight shows how an emphasis on the pass fake, shot fake, dribble drive, and post movement will lead to beating this set

Transition into Zone Offense - See how a speedy transition can be an effective first line of attack against a zone defense

Versus the 3-2 Zone - See how Knight uses the two players on top to occupy three defenders; giving the three baseline players a numbers advantage

Versus the 1-3-1 Zone - See effective ways to attack the baseline defender

Versus the Box & 1 - Knight shows you how to use the limitations of this defense to your advantage

Versus the Triangle & 2 - Learn how to overload the baseline

Versus the Half Court Trap - Knight demonstrates how to get your best player in the middle where he/she can attack and score

In each of these areas, Coach Knight shares his coaching philosophy, teaching methods, and teaching points as he takes his athletes through the paces of building a zone offense.

As an added bonus, this DVD contains 30 minutes of game cut ups illustrating Knight's zone offense being executed against a 2-3, 3-2 and 1-3-1 zone, a box & 1, a triangle & 2, and versus a full- and half-court trap. These clips re-enforce Knight's teaching concepts for effective zone offense and provide excellent study material for you and your athletes.

This DVD package also includes Knight's 90 minute classic Clinic IV: Zone Offense. Clinic IV: Zone Offense was produced while Knight was coaching at Indiana University and features a clinic session with diagrams and video segments demonstrating Knight's zone concepts, and segments of Knight coaching a live practice.

With the help of Coach Knight's expertise, you can attack any zone defense with confidence. Order now!

Produced at the spring 2010 Myrtle Beach, SC Championship Basketball Clinic.

129 minutes + 122 minutes of bonus material (2 DVDs). 2010.