Bo Ryan's Defensive System for Success

Bo Ryan's Defensive System for Success
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Product Description

Create a defense that will consistently keep your opponents below their scoring average!

- Teach defensive fundamentals with 12 practice drills that develop strong individual defenders
- Fight through seven different screening actions and deny the ball into the post with a dead front to prevent the opponent from penetrating your defense
- Install a successful version of Coach Ryan's suffocating diamond press

with Bo Ryan, member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame (2017); former University of Wisconsin Head Coach; Back-to-Back NCAA Final Four ('14 & '15); 4x Big Ten Coach of the Year; 7x Big Ten Champions (three tournament & four regular season titles); former UW-Platteville Head Coach - 4x NCAA DIII National Champions; over 740 career wins (.762 winning percentage)

If you are looking for a half court man-to-man defense that turns up the pressure and can work at any level, then this video is for you!

Legendary basketball coach, Bo Ryan, has built a hall of fame career with strong defensive teams. Coach Ryan shares everything in this extensive breakdown into his defensive philosophy. You will learn a system that increases pressure without leaving the rim exposed. You'll also see a defense that limits fouls and maximizes turnovers and low percentage shots. Additionally, you'll learn how Coach Ryan builds this defense with capable defenders through a collection of 12 defensive drills. To top it all off, you'll get strategies for post defense, countering numerous screening actions, and extending your defense to full court pressure.

Coach Ryan begins by explaining the general principles to his defensive philosophy. The concepts will help you force turnovers, limit fouls, and force opponents into taking bad shots. You'll see how to challenge ball reversals by pressuring your opponent and learn how to pin the ball on the side with basic team defensive strategies based on where the ball is located on the court. Ryan discusses how to position help defense, contest passes with denial defense, proper technique on closeouts, and how to optimize your hand positioning when guarding the ball.

Post Defense

The best post defense is to never let a talented big touch the ball. Coach Ryan shows how to deny the post without getting exposed to seals. See how to fight for position to dead front the post and learn how to keep the defense guessing with a strategy to deny the pass into the high post.

Defensive Drills

Develop your players' skills and understanding of defensive concepts with 12 practice drills. These drills will give you the tools you need to refine the fundamentals of your individual defenders and establish a strong foundation for your team defense.

Train tenacious on-ball defense with a progression of drills that will teach the defensive stance, improve lateral movement with lane line slides, speed up your reaction time, and more. The Two Deads and a Charge Drill will teach your players how to direct the dribbler up the floor, increase your pressure in dead ball situations, and the proper technique for taking a charge.

Additional drills help you instruct players on concepts such as close outs, denial defense, and busting through screens. Three competitive drills will motivate players to protect the rim with great communication and help defense. The 4-on-4 Open Post drill adds an extra player at the high post that can attack the rim. The defenders must react in order to help and contain the drive.

Defensive Tactics

Opponents are going to test any man-to-man defense with a variety of screening actions. Coach Ryan breaks down his approach to defending seven types of screens including down screens, up screens, fade screens and staggered screens. You'll see two methods for defending double screens depending on how your opponent tries to use the action to score. Force your opponent into the lowest percentage plays on ball screens. Against high ball screens, Ryan demonstrates how to have your post "wall up" in order to push the dribbler wide. You will also see how and why to switch side ball screens.


Nothing negates great defense like giving up an offensive rebound. Coach Ryan hits on his keys to having rebounding success as an individual, and passes on a great rebounding drill to train those individual keys.

Diamond Full Court Press

Coaches need tools to affect the pace of the game. Full-court pressure is one of the ways you can dictate pace while generating turnovers on defense. Learn the roles of each position in the defense, see how to force the inbound to different locations, and discover how to trap various spots on the floor. Create indecision for your opponent in trap situations by changing how you cover the outlet pass. Plus, you will get to watch how this press works in live 5-on-5 action!

This is a complete defensive video. If you want to change or improve the way your team plays defense, then let hall of famer Bo Ryan teach you the same methods he used to find immense success!

143 minutes. 2017.