The Break Point Offense: The All-Encompassing Offensive System

The Break Point Offense: The All-Encompassing Offensive System
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Product Description

Push the defense to its breaking point on each possession and score when the opposition is at its weakest!

- Learn numerous actions run out of the same set, making it difficult for opponents to scout and easy for players to learn
- Get six press break actions, the purposes of each, and how they flow into the home positions of the Break Point Offense
- Discover a "pre-catch plan" in order to encourage ball movement and get players to make quicker decisions on the court

with Aaron Garrett, Amber-Pocasset (OK) HS Head Coach; 2016 Grady County Conference Champions and Coach of the Year

At all levels of basketball, many teams have multiple plays that are run out of various sets, confusing players and leading to difficult shots when not executed properly. To address this dilemma, Aaron Garrett created the Break Point Offense, an offense built on shot selection by running actions until the defense gets to its "breaking point." In this video, Coach Garrett shows the ins and the outs of the offense: how to install it, teach it, and drill it using both "chalk talk" and live on-court demonstrations.

In addition to teaching the Break Point Offense, Coach Garrett includes vital information for running both the offense and a basketball program effectively. He covers everything from the core values that are taught to his players to how practice plans are developed, how teams are scouted, how games are broken down, and effective team meeting strategies.


The Break Point Offense begins with an entry. Coach Garrett shares a total of 23 entries in which a team can transition into its actions. These entries come in the form of press breaks, transitioning with the dribble, transitioning with the pass, out of bounds plays, man offense, and zone offense. All of these simple entries lead into the same half court set that will lead to man or zone half court actions.

Coach Garrett creates multiplicity in his offense along with multiple set actions to create a diverse offense that is simple to understand and execute. With the actions, these entries are tied together with the concept of "home position." The two main types of "home positions" that are discussed are:

- Press break home position
- Man and zone home position

The press break home position is designed to space "five on a dice." The spacing utilized is designed to get three near receivers and a long receiver. Garrett introduces "Dice" and "Carolina" as entries to get into the press break home position.

The man and zone home position utilizes the concept of creating a triangle on one side of the floor to create spacing. Four basic half-court entries are presented to get the offense into the man and zone home position. The concept behind these multiple entries is to disguise favorite actions as well as actions that are advantageous to match-ups.


From the established home positions, Garrett explains what can be executed from each of the two home positions. These actions are designed to create the multiplicity from each of the entries in the offense.

In running offense from the press break home position, four options are possible and come about as the result of reading what comes open against press defenses. The look to get the ball up the sideline is the first look, with penetrating passes and ball reversals the second and third looks, respectively.

The actions from the man and zone home position are broken into two categories: man and zone. Slice actions, stagger doubles, double screens, triple screens, and pick & rolls are all included in the man-to-man offense attack. Against zones, the offense can utilize quick ball movement, dribble actions, double flare screens, and pick & rolls.

Play Behind the Actions

Considered, the "meat" of the offense, the play behind the actions, Coach Garrett discusses how the Break Point Offense will score most of its points off of the entries and actions. Oftentimes, the actions are meant to disorganize the defense. As a result, players have to know how the offense will produce points.

The first aspect is any situation in which the action is over. These include reversals, drives to the basket, touches in the post, and offensive rebounds off of missed shots. From here, the attack must find a way to continue.

To get players to understand spacing, the concept of "slots and corners" is introduced. The perimeter players need to know these concepts because they need to go to the right spots when playing behind the action. Likewise, post players need to know the "block or rim" concept to get into the right spot on drives or offensive rebounds.

Finally, the concept of ".5" with ball movement is to get players to make a decision as to what to do within 0.5 seconds of receiving the basketball. An important idea with this concept is to have a "pre-catch plan" so that athletes can have some idea of what they want to do before they get the basketball in their hands.

Drills for the Break Point Offense

Coach Garrett includes 10 drills he uses to address his Break Point Offense. All drills teach players to execute the plays as well as make reads and improvise, the most important part of the Break Point Offense. Using a live on-court demonstration, Coach Garrett also shares his fast-paced competitive drill Slice War. This drill focuses on both running and defending the "slice," a common action used in the Break Point Offense.

For a team looking for a multiple offense that's simplistic enough for players to understand, the Break Point Offense can be utilized to light up the scoreboard!

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