Don Showalter: Full Court Trapping Defensive System

Don Showalter: Full Court Trapping Defensive System
Don Showalter: Full Court Trapping Defensive System
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with Don Showalter, Iowa City (IA) High Head Coach; former Mid Prairie High (IA) Boy's Head Basketball Coach; 2009 USA Basketball Developmental Coach of the Year; over 500 career wins;

2x USA Basketball Developmental Coach of the Year (2009-10) Disrupt the flow of your opponent's offense, change the tempo of any game and force both turnovers and time-outs with these press defense strategies!

One of the nation's most successful high school basketball coaches, Don Showalter, offers up a tutorial in tactics like full-court trapping, adjusting the press to match players' talents and confusing the offense by matching their press break moves.

Acknowledging the ever-changing skill levels inherent in high school athletics, Showalter has created a simple press defense that can be used effectively and successfully by players of all skills levels. His philosophy is based on constant ball pressure, patience and rebounding.

Using simple adjustments, Coach Showalter shows how to manage different press break attacks. While most press breakers attack the Diamond Press at the middle, for example, he covers how this press flows seamlessly into a 2-2-1 zone. He shares five drills to reinforce the effort and control it takes to play this defense.

To counter the press, Coach Showalter shares two different press breakers. The first strategy puts your strongest shooter in three-point range while the second, more traditional method uses the conventional 4-across scheme to break your opponent's trap.

Confuse your opponents by creating havoc in their offense with Showalter's innovative approach to full-court trapping. This very press is what helped the U17 USA Men's Basketball Team capture the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

Produced at the Spring 2011 Pittsburgh (PA) clinic.

79 Minutes. 2011.