Homer Drew's 15 Favorite Practice Drills

Homer Drew's 15 Favorite Practice Drills
Homer Drew's 15 Favorite Practice Drills
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with Homer Drew, Valparaiso University Head Coach, Over 600 career wins, 4x Mid-Con Coach of the Year, 7 NCAA Tournament appearances Keep your practices fresh and enjoyable for players. Homer Drew leads you through 15 of his best practice on both sides of the ball.

Coach Drew starts by demonstrating four different shooting and free throw drills that encourage competition and focus from your players. These drills will allow you to focus on the area of the floor where your teams needs help or in the flow of your offense.

Push your players to work hard and compete during conditioning using Drew's timing system and drills.

One key to great defense is staying in your stance. Drew shows how you can build strength into your athletes legs to help them maintain a defensive stance throughout a game. He uses simple defense-oriented drills to condition the legs and shows how to adjust the drills to compliment your defensive system and improve footwork.

Teach your team to fight for rebounds with Drew's competitive rebounding drills. Drew delivers four of his best rebounding drills for creating competition in practice and getting more second shots in a gem.

To keep players fresh throughout the season, Drew mixes in a "Special Day" once a month where players don't even touch a basketball, but work hard and compete in other ways such as playing kick ball or dodgeball. This allows them to relax and refocus during the season.

Drew concludes with a brief overview of his his 4-on-4 Shell drill and discusses five ways to guard a ball screen.

Add variety to your practices this season using these drills and concepts from Homer Drew!