Jim Boone Basketball Coaches Clinic

Jim Boone Basketball Coaches Clinic
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Learn to use dominant post players to pound the ball inside on offense and take away looks from opposing teams on defense.

- Learn to pound the ball inside with high/low passing and ball screens in the "Two Game" and "Fist" offenses

- Improve your offensive execution with different types of 5-on-5 scrimmages

- Get a Pack Line version of the shell drill to shut down a variety of offensive actions

featuring Jim Boone, Delta State University Head Coach; 2014 Gulf South Conference Champions; 2014 Gulf South Conference Coach of the Year; former West Virginia Wesleyan Head Coach; has won over 400 games at the Division I and II levels, 2 Final Four appearances

Disc 1 - Team Drills and Offense
Take advantage of strong post players with an offense that as Jim Boone says will, "pound the ball inside, inside, and inside some more." Coach Boone's "Two Game" offense uses high/low passes and "Fist" ball screens to score inside the paint.

Practice starts with position-specific skill work for guards and posts that replicate actions within their offense. Perimeter players work on using side ball screens to create their own jump shot, post feeds, and driving the ball with a competitive 3-on-3 drill. The posts focus on using good footwork with a cheat step on mid-range jump shots, utilizing cross screens, and scoring off high/low post feed or after quick ball reversal.

You will learn the flow of the offense along with the many scoring options and entries that can be used with the 4-on-0 and 5-on-0 practice segments. Coach Boone explains the player movements needed to reverse the ball and the different ways the post can be fed through this action. Using 5-on-0, players run their secondary break options in transition, including getting a quick initial post feed or high/low pass and freeing up a shooter with a stagger screen. Coach Boone also works on flowing from their Two Game offense into their Fist ball screen actions.

Disc 2 - Pack Line Defense
In this session, Coach Boone shows you the drills you need to teach the "Pack Line" defensive system that works on protecting the paint and grinding out defensive stops. The purpose and teaching points for proper execution of each drill are explained in detail. In this practice, you will learn an entire package of drills that develop the skills of individual defenders, coordinate your team defense, and train your players to sprint back and match up in transition defense.

Players improve their abilities to defend in the Pack Line with five different drills that focus on individual skill work. These drills focus on developing closeout technique and containing the ball, guarding the ball on the perimeter, and denying the post and helping from the perimeter on any catch in the post. Five more drills are incorporated to build the team aspect of the defense. Coach Boone's version of the standard shell drill teaches players how to defend numerous offensive actions such as basket cuts, down screens, stagger screens, and ball screens, while training players to communicate in order to quickly match-up and contain the offense.

"Some of the best detailed information on how to defend the low post that I have seen." - Customer review

Disc 3 - Pack Line Defense and Program Building
In this lecture-style segment, Coach Boone shares the secrets to developing a winning culture and building a dominant defense that he has learned through decades of coaching. You will learn numerous ideas for improving your practices and program organization. You will learn major points of emphasis, key teaching points, and eight different practice drills that will teach you how to install an impenetrable half court defense.

Disc 4 - Skill Work and Scrimmage
This is where you get to watch all of these different concepts come together. Through this scrimmage-intensive practice you'll learn how Delta State develops the individual skills of their players with position-specific drills to better operate in the Two Game and Fist offenses. Post player drills improve their hands so they can catch post feeds, make strong post ups and score at the rim. Guards work on ball handling with two-ball dribbling and power dribbling drills to get the ball inside through tough defensive pressure. They also work on penetrating with drills that have them drive into the paint and look to kick out to an open shooter.

With four different competitive scrimmage segments, you will get to see the Delta State offense and defense in live play. Coach Boone teaches you how to properly execute on both sides of the ball as he continues to instruct players throughout the scrimmages.

Disc 5 - Bonus: Attacking a 2-3 Zone Defense
featuring Richard Williams, former Mississippi State University Head Coach; 2x SEC Coach of the Year; led MSU to the 1996 Final Four

Drawing from his considerable experience at nearly every level of basketball, Richard Williams shows you offensive actions and set plays that pick apart 2-3 zone defenses. Learn the alignment and player roles of the base zone offense to attack 2-3 zone defenses, as well as multiple scoring actions that are initiated with certain types of passes. You will also get four set plays that will help you score in late game situations from a baseline inbound.

Coach Williams breaks down the spacing required, and explains how ball movement and penetration can break down your opponent. He demonstrates a drill that trains your players to move the ball and attack gaps to collapse the defense. The roles of the post players are explained, along with their responsibility to dive to the rim when one of them gets the ball.

Finally, you will learn three actions that are built into the flow of the base offense, which are all initiated with certain types of passes. Coach Williams shows four set plays that will help you score in crunch time. He also gives one baseline inbound play that will stretch out defenders to create multiple scoring options.

This jam-packed video has a wealth of coaching knowledge that can be used effectively by coaches of all levels.

429 minutes (5 DVDs). 2015.