John Calipari's 2013-14 Basketball Coaches Clinic

John Calipari's 2013-14 Basketball Coaches Clinic
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with John Calipari, University of Kentucky Head Coach; 2012 NCAA Champions; 2014 & 2011 Final Four; 2x Naismith National Coach of the Year

For the first time ever, coaches now have access to John Calipari's kick-off clinic, which jump-started the Wildcats' 2013-14 season and led them to the NCAA finals. The entire clinic is presented here, including two team practices, teaching points from Coach Calipari and a session with the UK staff breaking down their offense and the drills they use to perfect it.

This is a great inside look into how Coach Calipari communicates with his players and turns talented players into championship-caliber team.

Disc 1
Practice 1 features a mix of philosophy and drill work. You'll learn Coach Calipari's approach to practice, building his team, implementing his defense and his philosophy of using ball screens. Listen in as he explains the benefits of using an individual approach to players to create a positive, successful environment.

Moving to the court, players engage in a defensive-focused practice using breakdown drills to develop their on-ball defense, close outs, and help defense. Players learn how to defend new offensive actions like pin downs, back screens and dribble hand-offs. Rebounding is emphasized in a series of drills that come just before practice ends with Coach Calipari's version of the "Shell Drill," which teaches players correct positioning while they play team defense.

Disc 2
The second session begins with some Q & A. "Coach Cal" anticipates-and answers-questions that you might have about the previous day's practice, as well as some of the program's philosophies.

Session two is an offensive focused practice that offers a detailed look at the transition entries and ball screens that Kentucky has added to their traditional Dribble Drive offense. This practice takes you through shooting drills, position-specific drills and different competitive scrimmages from 2-on-1 up to 5-on-5, all of which are designed to teach the reads players need to make in the offense.

A good portion of this session is dedicated to working on the fundamentals of Kentucky's signature Dribble Drive Offense. In the 5-on-0 drill, players run through the offense. This is a great opportunity to get a look at the Kentucky offense while listening to the key teaching points that Coach Calipari emphasizes in practice. In the 3-on-3 drill, players learn to make intelligent reads based on how the defender plays the ball. This drill shows how Coach Calipari has taken basic concepts and expanded them into a highly potent offense. The team also breaks down to work on "Drag" and "Fist," which are pick-and-roll plays involving both their 4-men and 5-men screening the basketball. Coach Calipari finishes practice with some valuable skill drills to train guards to shoot or penetrate and train posts to rebound and finish in the paint.

Disc 3
In the final session, Assistant Coach John Robic, with the help of other members on the staff, breaks down the Dribble Drive Motion offense that has led the Kentucky Wildcats to three Final Four appearances in the past four years (2011-14). In step-by-step fashion, Coach Robic explains how and why they do what they do. He walks through spacing and basic offensive player movements. He also shares several entries that can be used to setup the initial attack. You'll see multiple secondary entries that you can use to get the offense initiated in transition along with an isolation play to showcase your best offensive perimeter player.

Coach Robic then explains how to develop the skill set needed for this style of play. A series of position-specific drills for guards and posts you are given to help your team rehearse the movements and take shots within this system everyday in practice. Lastly, Coach Robic shows the "Blood Drills," which are used to enhance reads and reactions in the offense. This series shows you how to use Dribble Drive principles to attach the defense while it is in scramble mode.

Coach Robic does a terrific job of breaking down each aspect of play and answers questions throughout the presentation to clarify why the Wildcats run it the way they do.

If you want to implement Kentucky's winning offense this season, then order this comprehensive presentation today.

331 minutes (3 DVDs). 2014.