John Calipari: The Definitive Dribble Drive Motion Offense

John Calipari: The Definitive Dribble Drive Motion Offense
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Product Description

with John Calipari, University of Kentucky Head Coach; 2x Naismith National Coach of the Year; 2012 NCAA Champions; 2009 Sports Illustrated National Coach of the Year, .761 career winning percentage

Coach Calipari has taken the country by storm with his innovative Dribble Drive Offense. In this instructional basketball DVD, Calipari condenses this attack in to four basic parts. Each part is masterfully woven into an efficient, well-organized, high scoring offense.

Unconventional in design, the dribble drive moves the ball to the opposite side of the low post player anchoring the ball on the side with a great shooter. This feature allows you to open the floor and create driving angles from multiple areas of the floor. Calipari explains how the down hill drive, pitch, relocation, and kick back features create more scoring opportunities for all your players.

The four components are explained in a clear how-to manner, which allows coaches at all levels to understand and implement the dribble drive offense effectively. Learn how the second drive is as dangerous as the first penetration and how each breaks down defenders. Add balance to your team scoring by giving perimeter and post players equal opportunities to be successful.

40 minutes. 2009.