Josh Gamblin: Half Court Sets for Must-Score Situations

Josh Gamblin: Half Court Sets for Must-Score Situations
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Product Description

Learn multiple sets and series that will help your team get a bucket in "gotta have one" situations!

- Over 10 half court sets, each with multiple counters, to exploit inside or outside play
- Get plays to take advantage of a bigger guard in the post
- Learn sideline-out-of bounds plays that helped Coach Gamblin win the NAIA Championship

with Josh Gamblin, Mid-America Christian University Head Coach; 2016 NAIA D1 Championship, 2016 Rawlings-NAIA D1 Coach of the Year, Graduate Assistant at University of Oklahoma under Lon Kruger

Need to score a quick basket? Down three and need to tie it with the game on the line? Josh Gamblin opens a section of his playbook to give you over 10 offensive sets that can easily be molded to fit your scheme and provide a variety of scoring options for guards, wings, and post players.

With the popularity of motion offenses in today's game, Gamblin presents sets that can be run out of common motion set ups and can be adapted to fit your offensive scheme. These include 4-out 1-in, 5-out, 1-4 high, and Horns action.

Gamblin details a variety of methods to set up and disguise plays that he likes to run late in the game when his team needs to score. Learn how he puts players in a position to score the basketball and make it difficult for the defense to be in a help position by using:

- Dribble hand offs
- Weak side flare screens
- Elevator screens
- Double staggered screens
- Pin downs

All of these sets and adjustments help take advantage of inside and outside play depending on what your strength is against the given opponent. The plays aren't limited to one option and Gamblin breaks down how to score from different looks and counter what the defense is trying to take away.

4 C Series

Coach Gamblin covers his base 4-out series flowing from his primary break, and moves into the counters and adjustments that can be made. You will learn multiple actions out of a 4-out look:

- Learn how to use your best shooter in a pick & pop situation with a strong 4 that can handle the ball or step outside and knock down the 3-point shot.
- Utilize a big wing that can knock down any open 3-point shot.
- Take advantage of a 5 player that has some range and ability to score off the dribble after setting multiple screens.

5-Out Series

If your team has players that can play on the perimeter as well as the post, the 5-Out Series is a perfect fit. As more and more teams transition to 5-out alignments, you can force your opponents to defend the entire floor as you spread the defense.

- Take advantage of your players' ability to stretch the floor, whether it be a post that can knock down a 3-point shot, or a guard that can create in the post off of several 5-out actions isolating them against a smaller guard.
- Use ball screens in 5-out to post up your best player and create flare action for your best shooter.
- Create advantage situations off of a pin down for your best shooter or a drive from your best ball handler.

Additionally, you'll see two of Gamblin's favorite late game sideline out of bounds plays. These plays are simple to run, difficult to stop, and can provide options for a 3-pointer or a quick two.

Looking for some proven scoring plays to keep in your back pocket for crunch time? Coach Gamblin has a wealth of knowledge to share. His playbook rivals any NBA team's best sets and counters that will leave your opponent's wondering what action is coming next.

Produced at the Spring 2017 Nike Championship Basketball in Kansas City (MO).

51 minutes. 2017.