Larry Brown: Secondary Break into Half Court Offense

Larry Brown: Secondary Break into Half Court Offense
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with Larry Brown, SMU Head Coach; distinguished member of the Basketball Hall of Fame (2002); the sixth-winningest coach in NBA history (1,098 career victories); former head coach at University of Kansas, Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Bobcats; only head coach to win both an NCAA title (Kansas - 1998) and an NBA Championship (Detroit - 2004)

Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown reveals the specifics of his fast break and half court ball screen offense in the 5-Star Coaches Clinic Series. Coach Brown uses on-court demonstrations to teach drills, techniques, and offensive tactics that he learned from master coaches such as Dean Smith and Frank McGuire.

Coach Brown reveals three warm-up drills that help build secondary break scoring options and habits your players need to be successful. Brown demonstrates eight secondary break scoring options that the University of North Carolina still uses in its offensive attack. With each scoring option, you will learn how to counter your opponent if they stop your primary scoring option.

Coach Brown extends his half court offensive instruction when he demonstrates how to take your secondary break actions right into your primary offense. In this DVD, he shows you how his teams transitioned into his ball screen action. Brown shows you several of the scoring opportunities he used while coaching the Philadelphia 76ers during Allen Iverson's playing days. He also discusses how to build plays around your best player and your team's strengths.

As a bonus, Coach Brown demonstrates five extra plays you can include in your ball screen offense. These plays are sure to surprise and frustrate your opponent as you score at will on their defensive pressure.

This is a must have DVD for any coach that wants to further develop their ball screen and fast break offense.

81 minutes. 2013.