Mike Krzyzewski - Open Practice: Offensive Skill Development

Mike Krzyzewski - Open Practice: Offensive Skill Development
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featuring Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University Head Coach; 2015 NCAA Champions; distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2001); 5x NCAA Champions, over 1,000 wins - most wins by an NCAA college coach; USA Basketball Head Coach, 2014 Gold Medal FIBA World Basketball Cup, 5 gold medals in international competition

with Chris Collins, Northwestern University Head Coach; former Duke University Associate Head Coach; Assistant U.S. Olympic Men's Coach at the 2012 London and 2008 Beijing Games (gold medals)

and Steve Wojciechowski, Marquette University Head Coach, former Duke Assistant Coach; NABC Defensive Player of the Year (1998)

Developing post and perimeter players is a critical aspect of today's college game and nobody's done it better than Coach Mike Krzyzewski and his staff. They have developed some of the nation's top players including Grant Hill, Kyrie Irving, Jabari Parker, Christian Laettner, Elton Brand, Shane Battier, and J.J. Redick, to name a few. In this compilation of skill development drills taken from coaching clinic sessions from 2005-2007, Coach K and former Duke assistants Steve Wojciechowski and Chris Collins share drills to improve ball handling, scoring and defensive play at both the perimeter and post positions.

Developing players who are "ball friendly" is a major emphasis in the skill development of all positions on the team. Players practice more than 10 different passing and ball handling drills, which are shared in this presentation. Coach Wojciechowski demonstrates the different layers of the "Box Ball Handling" drill, which simulates several of the movements and actions that a point guard must make in order to effectively run an offense. This drill will improve your ball handler's vision, teach them how to create space and show them how to run the offense against tough on-ball pressure by the defense.

The coaches also show you how they organize skill development into pre- and post-practice segments that they run for post and perimeter player groups throughout the season. Coach Collins leads perimeter players through drills that teach them to see the floor and make reads from the perimeter. The "2-on-2 Penetrate and Kick" drill trains players to space off different angles of dribble penetration to get free for open shots. Coach Wojciechowski breaks down post players' drills into "snapshots" of what they'll see in games. The posts run through 13 scoring moves they'll make in transition and through their half-court offense in pinch post actions and ball screens.

Individual defense is also emphasized in the "6-Point Contesting" drill. This is one of the coaches' favorite drills for training players in the different defensive scenarios they will encounter during the course of a possession. In unique variations of the drill that are specific to either perimeter or post players, defenders deny the perimeter and weak side flash cuts, help on dribble penetration, defend the low post, close out on skip passes, defend the ball and secure the rebound.

These drills, which show you how Duke has taken so many players to the next level, will make you reconsider how you develop your players' skills in practices. Grab a courtside seat inside famed Cameron Indoor Stadium and witness the work that goes into developing the skill required to operate within one of the nation's most successful programs.

Produced at the Duke University Coaching Clinics (2005-07).

117 minutes. 2015.