Open Practice: Beating the 2-3 Zone with the 1-3-1 Set

Open Practice: Beating the 2-3 Zone with the 1-3-1 Set
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Learn how Dixon's zone offense system attacks the zone through constant ball and player movement!

- Discover a 1-3-1 continuity offense that can attack a 2-3 zone
- See how to smoothly transition into zone offense, use counters and set plays, and make adjustments against a zone defense
- Learn multiple baseline and sideline out-of-bounds plays to run vs. a 2-3 zone

with Jamie Dixon, Texas Christian University Head Coach (TCU) Head Coach - 2017 NIT Champions; former University of Pittsburgh Head Coach; 2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year; 2x Big East Regular Season Championships (2004, 2011); USA Basketball U-19 Team Head Coach - 2009 FIBA World Championship Gold Medal

With today's game centered around the drive, more teams are finding ways to incorporate zone defense into their program. Having a zone offense that includes counters, set plays, transition offense, and in-game adjustments is 'a must' for every program!

Jamie Dixon has faced some of the best zone defenses in the history of NCAA basketball, such as Jim Boeheim's legendary 2-3 zone. During this time, he has developed a zone offense that is effective regardless of the type or style of defense played by the opponent.

In this video, Coach Dixon takes you inside of a TCU practice session and outlines what it takes to beat a zone defense, and, how to make little adjustments to be two steps ahead of your opponent. With white board diagrams and on-court demonstration, you'll get an insider's look at how Dixon prepares his team to play against even the highest pressure 2-3 zone!

13 Move

Most teams have a typical 2-3 zone defense installed and ready to use in their repertoire. Dixon has adjusted his zone offense to beat any type of 2-3 zone: packed in, extending with the forwards, and guards pressuring the wings. The basic principle of his zone offense is to keep constant pressure on the defense. By being a threat every time you catch, the zone will constantly be on their heels. Wings have three options when they catch - drive, ball reversal, or shot. Dixon details every offensive situation - high post entry, short corner entry, ball reversals, etc.

Counters and Set Plays

Using the 13 Move offense, Dixon draws up numerous actions that players can use, including high/low actions, ball reversals and actions from a 1-4 set. During their practice session, players are given multiple scoring options to run. You will get a feel for how players can transition from a rebound to fast break against a 2-3 zone.

Adjustments Against the Zone

In this segment, Dixon outlines the special situations you could see a zone try. He includes:

- How to use the high post against extended 2-3 zone
- What to do when the defense traps the short corner

As he demonstrates on the court, players must find what the defense is trying to do and look to attack and take away their strength.

Guard/Post Breakdown Drills

Every drill in this segment is a shot or rep your players will need to be successful against the zone. Everything he coaches and reinforces is movement and common actions/situations your players can recognize in the game as they work to find the gaps and holes in any zone.

Since Dixon has coached against some of the best zone defenses in the country, his approach to countering them is a 'must-have' video for your library! Your players will learn how to read the defense and then find the gaps and scoring lanes against a 2-3 zone.

68 minutes. 2018.