Post Development Drills for the 4-Out, 1-In Motion Offense

Post Development Drills for the 4-Out, 1-In Motion Offense
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Product Description

with Jamie Dixon, University of Pittsburgh Head Coach; 2009 Naismith Men's College Basketball Coach of the Year; 2004 Big East Coach of the Year

Good post play is the anchor of Coach Dixon's 4-Out 1-In offense. Dixon shares drills to strengthen play in the paint. The Mikan and McHale drill are used to develop concentration, eye-hand coordination, explosion, finishing at the rim and conditioning.

Superman is an explosion drill where the ball is taken from the floor to the rim. Dixon stresses the catch and location of the catch, patience, locating the defense, being "comfortable" before making your move and recognizing your options.

The Post Series addresses several skills and concepts for good post play, which are addressed through live 1-on-1 play in a competitive environment. Keeping the feet free and live is a major part of playing in the post.

Other techniques that Dixon touches on through drills include keeping hands up on defense, getting in scoring positions and are prepared to catch the ball, the inside jump hook and step through in the paint and more. This DVD delivers the total package for teaching low post players!

42 minutes. 2007.