Princeton Offense 2.0: Reads, Counters, Set Plays

Princeton Offense 2.0: Reads, Counters, Set Plays
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Product Description

Discover advanced reads and scoring options for teams in the Princeton offense!

- Get an updated and improved Princeton offense with new counters, reads, set plays, transition offense, after timeout sets, and quick strikes
- Contains a huge collection of set plays to free up open shooters in your Princeton sets
- Learn how to install some of today's latest NBA trends - Horns, Sixers (Iverson Action), and Spread - within the Princeton offense to make your team unstoppable

with Lee DeForest, West Jessamine (KY) High School Assistant Coach; KY Grind AAU Travel Team Head Coach; former Christian County (KY) High School Assistant Coach; 2011 State Champions; former Garrard County (KY) High School Head Coach

Lee Deforest is a brilliant tactician that has coached the Princeton offense at every level, from high school to Division 1. In this companion piece to his original highly-rated DVD, Winning with the Princeton Style Offense, Coach DeForest doesn't hold back as he builds upon the base Princeton offensive concepts and gives insight into the dynamic capabilities that the offense creates for teams regardless of size or skill.

Coach Deforest breaks the Princeton concepts into reads and counters. He defines reads as being player-controlled and counters as being coach-controlled. Utilizing this conceptualization, DeForest provides detailed diagrams on a whiteboard and then illustrates these concepts on the court with his team in a 5 on 0 setting. You'll get detailed breakdowns of reads within the offense, counters to defensive strategies, set plays to help you score quickly, and more.

From today's sets including Horns, Spread Offense and Sixers, to old school Princeton sets such as Chin, Circle and Point, you'll learn something new that is easy to teach and easy for your players to pick up. Coach DeForest offers a variety of concepts that any coach can utilize to fit the Princeton offense to their personnel and system.

Initial Princeton Set

Coach DeForest demonstrates the initial set up of the Princeton offense so you can quickly place your players correctly on the floor. With four interchangeable guard spots, this offense is perfect for today's game. He guides you through simple reads and counters that every team running the Princeton offense must know.

Point Series

Diversify your offense and catch the defense by surprise. Coach DeForest shows six plays that can be run within this series to counter a defensive strategy or exploit a weakness you find in scouting. Snap Back creates a quick high/low opportunity for one of your perimeter players. Other plays will help you free open shooters off of double screens, screen-the-screener actions, flare screens, and dribble hand-offs.

In Corner Series, you'll discover how to integrate some of the key concepts utilized by the Golden State Warriors that provide multiple scoring options from the wing.

Low Series

Discover two new plays to give you additional options in the Low series. Warrior gives you a new wrinkle to playing off of post feeds by using screening actions to find openings for your perimeter players. Wheel adds a counter for when the post feed is denied by incorporating backdoor cuts and flare screens.

You'll also see how to quickly change how you attack the defense with the Sweep series by using a brush screen to create a driving angle or an open jumper on the wing. This set will lift the post out to the perimeter to become a threat with the ball.

Circle Series

Increase the variability of how you attack the defense with five new plays in the Circle series. Circle Floppy gives you an option for highlighting your best players in crunch time. Change up how you initiate the play versus aggressive denial with the Fist Entry. Score in the last second with quick hitters that will send shooters off flare screens or double screens. From hard overplaying defense, to switching cutters to ball screen options, you'll find something to install with your team right away.

Chin Series

Learn two options for countering aggressive defense when they deny initial passing options. Coach DeForest shows you three counters for defenses that try to sag versus the back screens of the Chin series. Two options for exploiting advantages are shown that are created when opponents try to switch screens.

Additionally, you'll learn eight set plays that can be called out of the Chin series for creating easy scoring opportunities out of timeouts. The Red and Celtic options utilize screening actions to get your best shooter an open look. Expand your options in Chin to incorporate ball screens with the Quick series. Finally, Coach DeForest demonstrates how to use Chin as a delay game or to analyze how the defense is playing you to organize your next counter.

NBA Actions

Coach DeForest goes beyond simply expanding upon these primary sets to the Princeton offense. He includes six additional plays that will help you enter into the offense, provide scoring looks unique from other options in the Princeton offense, and score through a secondary break in transition. Horns and Sixers are entry plays taken straight from the NBA that can provide some quick hitting options before flowing into the Point series. Lumberjack alters the screening and cutting action of the Chin series before transitioning into an isolated two-man game off the elbow that can allow your players to operate with space. Finally, two secondary break options will allow you to score off quick stagger and screen-the-screener actions before flowing into your half court offense.

Coach DeForest's mastery of using diagrams and on-court demonstrators make this video the perfect set for any coach that is looking to install the Princeton offense. From the basic alignment to today's hottest NBA Entries, this is a must-have for your collection.

162 minutes (2 DVDs). 2016.