Scoring Out of 1-4 Sets

Scoring Out of 1-4 Sets
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with Marquis Hines, former Vincent (WI) High School Girls Head Coach,3x WIAA Division-I State Champs (in four years); Played for University of Wisconsin, Green Bay from 1985-89

Three-time State Championship coach Marquis Hines of Homestead High School (WI) takes you through his entire 1-4 Offensive System. This system has made his teams sone of the most dangerous offensive threats in the state of Wisconsin.

Using the 1-4 set as a foundation, Coach Hines has developed key plays with multiple variations that will produce increased scoring opportunities for any offense. Hines provides on-court demonstrations of five simple, yet effective entries into the 1-4 set that are perfect for any team at the high school and middle school levels.

Each of the 1-4 offensive play sets, as well as each of the three in-bounds plays, initially looks the same to a defense. This forces the defense into a false-sense of security, thinking they know where the play is designed to go, while allowing for the offense to play off of the defense's overconfidence.

He also provides insight on how to "play past the play," teaching various reads and fundamental concepts that will help your players develop court sense and to be a constant threat when the defense adjusts.

In addition to the 1-4 half court sets, Hines demonstrates:

Three 1-4 baseline out-of-bounds plays.

A 1-4 press break designed to get ahead of the pressure and create an advantage for your offense.

How to use a "big" post player in the 1-4 set.

Pick and roll options from the 1-4.

...all while continuously reinforcing basic skills and basketball fundamentals.

Special situations are covered to include where to best utilize players with certain skills. Variations from the 1-4 set are shown to utilize a player's specific characteristic to create offensive opportunities. Throughout the DVD, Coach Hines highlights key coaching points to reinforce basic skills such as setting picks, correctly sweeping below the knees, maintain a triple threat position and consistent floor spacing.

Learn the ways of Marquis Hines system that has yielded 3 state championships within a 4-year span and has allowed for several successful coaching stints at several programs.

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