Sean Miller's Skill Development School: Post Workout

Sean Miller's Skill Development School: Post Workout
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with Sean Miller, University of Arizona Head Coach; 2014 Pac-10 Coach of the Year - 2x Pac-12 Coach of the Year; 2014 Pac-12 Champions - 2x Pac 12 Champs; former Head Coach at Xavier, 3x A-10 champions; 2008 A-10 Coach of the Year

Become a dominant post player and learn to use those skills in game-like action with this terrific presentation from University of Arizona Head Coach, Sean Miller. In this great DVD, Coach Miller breaks down the individual workouts that he puts his post players through. Coach Miller uses on-court demonstrators to workout his players in four different shooting series, three 1-on-1 post moves series, three off the lane fade series drills, and three cutting series drills.

The shooting series will gradually build your players' offensive repertoire from jump shots to put-backs to post moves and counter-moves. In every drill, Coach Miller conveys the important details of proper footwork, spacing, and angles. The drills incorporated in this video include:

One Two Step Shooting - Players are forced to focus on the essential skill of getting your footwork right before you shoot. This emphasis on consistent footwork creates a great base to increase your player's field goal percentage.

Shooting on the Move - While around the basket skills are the basis for scoring for the bigs, becoming an effective shooter is just as important.

Toughness Series - A set of 10 drills using a heavy basketball. These drills help with hand/eye coordination, give the players a better feel around the basket and develop the weak hand as well as put the players through a tough conditioning workout.

Coach Miller uses situational drills to teach concepts that players will use in the game. A transition series is taught that simulates the post sprinting down the court and getting in a scoring position early in the possession. During the catch and finish series, post players are put into positions were they can learn to cut and score. The emphasis in this series is not on the actual post move, but rather a feel for how the defense is playing and the proper footwork that goes with the cut. Your players will learn to develop counters in the post so they are able to score against any defender. Offensive rebounding is also covered, which allows the posts great opportunities to score easy buckets around the basket.

While most of the above drills focus on creating advantages and scoring off of them, Coach Miller doesn't ignore the most common situations where his players will not have a significant advantage and must face the defender 1-on-1. In this set of drill coach teaches the players how to be effective scorers when they receive the ball on the low block as well as teaching them how to make a smart decision with the ball when help defense occurs. Finally a set of "Off the Lane" drills are taught. As the post player gets pushed off the lane, a strong face up move with an emphasis on "breaking the Knee" is taught to create good looks at the basket for the big guys.

Sean Miller's School of Skill Development presentation does a tremendous job of addressing the essential skills necessary to turn your post players into tough, fundamentally sound scoring machines. By developing the ability to score in the lane, in the post and off the lane any player learning these drills will be dangerous come game time.

64 minutes. 2014.