Skill Development Workout: Centers

Skill Development Workout: Centers
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with Gregg Marshall, Wichita State University Head Coach; 2014 MVC Champions, 2014 MVC Coach of teh Year; 2x MVC Champs; 3x MVC Coach of the Year (2012-14); 2011 NIT Champions

Get the tools you need to develop an effective center for your team.

Greg Marshall takes you inside the Wichita State program and shows you how they work on the skill development of their centers in order to have a player who is complete in all aspects of the position. This one-hour workout consists of game like drills that will enhance your post player's game skills. A focus on the position of the their feet for both the offensive player and defensive player is discussed at key times in each drill.

The Warm-Up
During the warm-up, the centers go through a series of drills that also work on game-like aspects. All key movements are exaggerated to help create muscle memory and get players loose. Included is a Mikan series with big and heavy balls to get them stronger.

Post Series
The Drop Set Series focuses on the footwork and court positioning necessary to properly execute the drop step and get the defender out of position. Jump hooks follow the drop set series. Another set teaches centers how to recognize the double team and how to react.

Develop your centers to become great passers. Good passing centers not only make their teammates better, but also become a greater threat offensively. The use of the heavy ball is emphasized here as the players go through making a series of fundamental passes to become a better passer out of the post. This is followed up with an outlet drill where Coach Marshall demands his centers make the right pass and a great pass once they get a defensive rebound.

The Finish Drill is a great competitive drill that starts on the elbow and works both offense and defense where neither player has an advantage at the start. The next drill has the centers playing live 1-on-1 in the post continuously.

Coach Marshall and his staff are very technical throughout this video. They are very clear in their expectations and show how to positively correct flaws in players. This is a must have video for teams that not only run four out one in motion offense, but can also be used by any team because of the technicality that is talked about and demonstrated throughout the video.

This video will enhance your team's competitive nature while developing your center position.

52 minutes. 2013.