Street Moves You Can Use: 22 "Game-Time" Drills to Make it Happen!

Street Moves You Can Use: 22 "Game-Time" Drills to Make it Happen!
Item# BD-02137B

Product Description

with Ganon Baker, World Renowned Instructor and Clinician

Ganon Baker presents 22 "game-time" drills to help implement the moves from 35 Street Moves You Can Use! Chair drills are used to train players to stay low, "explode out," and play in a straight line. The jab & go, the crossover and many other moves that will relieve defensive pressure and create scoring opportunities are demonstrated with expert detail.

Baker provides competitive drills that help you penetrate, pivot, and pass in a game-like situation. All drills are demonstrated in a thorough two- and three-step process. Baker does a fantastic job demonstrating each move, and reinforcing in what situations they are useful.

Not only will the shooting drills, chair cuts, NBA stutters, chair jukes, and mirror drills make you a better player, but the work ethic that must be used to perfect these drills will reinforce more disciplined play. All drills can be done individually or with a partner and create a high level of fatigue, putting your players in a situation to win a game when needed!

37 minutes. 2003.