Warm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the World

Warm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the World
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with Terry Layton, Nike Scout and International Consultant for Latin America; 300+ Wins at the High School, Junior College and College level in the U.S., 300+ wins at the International level See how international influences can improve your players.

Terry Layton, International Nike Scout on Latin America, has put together a set of DVD's that will guide you through the ins and outs of international warm-up, shooting, full court drills, and explosive training. Coach Layton's teaching will help you build your players starting with dynamic warm-up drills using a basketball to half court shooting drills that some of the best international shooters use. Coach Layton uses a progressive style to demonstrate how the international game has become a league comparable to the NBA.

Warm-up Drills
Coach Layton likes to add what he calls "the magic of the ball" to his warm up routines. By adding the ball to the warm ups it makes practice time more efficient. He believes that more time players have with the ball in their hand then the more fun they will have and more skills they can learn. He describes how to build a progressive warm-up routine with and without a basketball that focuses on basketball skills. He will teach you an order to follow as you work your players before practice begins. Your players will learn how to communicate with each other effectively and advance their skills as you implement a progressive warm-up routine.

Coach Layton uses reaction drills to develop a "thinking on their feet" mentality. To develop instinctual skills using coordination and reacting to unknown situations as they develop. He uses a progression in his ball handling skills to make them more complex and difficult as they progress, while still working on the same basic skills. Layton discusses the rhythm of play and how the change of speeds makes players hard to guard and how to train that aspect.

Coach Layton demonstrates an All in One drill that will help your players get game shots Each phase of the drill builds one skill after another. Layton shows you how to maximize two baskets to develop lay-up skills, post player shots, perimeter shots, dribble penetration and relocation, and passing skills. His All in One drill is the perfect warm-up routine that you can use and incorporate any other skill you want to work on.

Shooting Drills
Coach Layton offers some of the best shooting drills he has picked up over years of experience at the international and national level. Each shooting drill comes from some of the top coaches all over the world and gives you the opportunity to think about how you are training your shooters.

You will get 15 different shooting drills that incorporate the use of only two baskets. Coach Layton has perfected the art of maximizing your gym space, time, and entire team to get efficient workouts in a timely manner. Each drill is broken down into various phases that demonstrate game situations so your players are better prepared for any shooting situation. He provides conditioning, interval training, and combination drills that any coaching level must have to improve their players shooting ability

Coach Layton will use the entire half court to help you build a consistent shooter. Each drill will allow you to work on preparing for the shot, shooting over a defender, shooting off the dribble, using fakes to get open and post series shots to develop a strong post presence. His combination drills will help turn your players into conditioned and consistent basketball players.

Coach Layton provides you with four competitive shooting games that are fun and engaging and at the same time, push your shooters out of their comfort zone. He demonstrates dice free throws where your post players are practicing their blocking out technique and your free throw shooters are put into pressure situations.

This is a must have DVD for any coach that is looking to build a dynamic warm-up routine for their players to get lose for a game or before practice begins instead of using the same old lay-up/jump shot routine.

166 minutes. (2 DVDs). 2013.