The Winning Formula of the 4 Out/1 In & 5 Out Motion Offense

The Winning Formula of the 4 Out/1 In & 5 Out Motion Offense
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A look at the construction of team offense inside one of the nation's most efficient offensive programs!

- Learn 2-on-0 and 3-on-0 breakdown drills for Notre Dame's motion offense
- Learn how to run offense against two different styles of half court defense
- Discover the entries that run into Notre Dame's motion offense that provide scoring chances early in a possession while keeping players spaced

with Mike Brey, University of Notre Dame Head Coach; 3x Big East Coach of the Year; 2012 Associated Press College Basketball Coach of the Year; 2012 USBWA Henry Iba National Coach of the Year

Mike Brey has quietly led Notre Dame, renowned for its historic football program, to compete at the highest levels of college basketball. Using a motion-based, free-flowing offensive scheme that emphasizes sharing of the ball and playing together, Brey's teams have served notice to college basketball's elite after winning titles in both the Big East and ACC conferences in recent years.

While not always equipped with elite recruits, Brey has used X's and O's to help bridge the gap, level the playing field, and maximize his team's ability to win. In this video, you'll learn how Coach Brey builds fundamental excellence by progressing through 2-on-0 to 5-on-0 offensive drills, to full 5-on-5 competitive workouts.

By working on small-sided games, individual shooting, passing and pick & roll sessions, coaches can see how the highly successful Notre Dame program is built from the ground up. Key concepts covered in this video include:

- Transition offense and how to flow into a lethal half-court offense
- The vital role of the low post player in flattening out the defense
- How to build solid offensive footwork that translates to increased game scoring

With this inside, no-hold-barred look at practice, you'll see how Coach Brey's relentlessly positive coaching style builds teamwork and trust between players.

Day 1 Practice:

The opening 70 minutes is entirely devoted to offense, both at the micro (individual, pairs) and macro (four- and five-player units) levels. While stressing the importance of players learning to play together as a way to facilitate chemistry and efficiency, Brey paces the team through a series of build-up exercises that ultimately culminate in the full, free-flowing offensive machine that is evident on game days. Points of emphasis include:

- Building from 2-man, to 3-on-0, to 4-on-0, to 5-on-0, to 5-on-5 as a way of incrementally putting the pieces together to make the whole.
- A review of game film by Coach Brey in order to demonstrate and explain the importance of an unpredictable offensive system driven by motion to obtain high percentage shots.
- 2-on-0 drills pairing bigs and littles together in order to simulate and break down the most common offensive interactions between the two that are contained within the scheme.
- Individual development, with stations split by post and perimeter, in order to work the skill sets needed to thrive in a systematically open offensive attack.
- Shell-based, 5-on-0 offensive execution of sets such as Cutters, Circle, Wide etc. as a means to develop the timing and pace necessary to maximize opportunities.
- Transition offensive execution, both 5-on-0 and 5-on-5, as a way to increase pace and score while possessing a numbers advantage.

Day 2 Practice:

The second practice continues the emphasis on offensive execution and the `parts-to-whole' ideology of building team offense, but with a few additions and wrinkles. While the focus is still offensively motivated, a defensive element is now factored in as the final variable to completing the offensive equation. You'll see:

- Individual shooting exercises that develop an array of move sets based upon the position (post vs perimeter). - Shell-based defensive drills that require communication, quick reaction time, and four- and five-player units acting as one in order to increase recognition and awareness to achieve consecutive stops. - Multiple sets such as Cutters, Circle, Wide, and Slide executed in a 5-on-0 setting to achieve the proper pace, spacing, and timing.
- The previously mentioned sets executed out of a transition attack to emphasize the seamless transition from fast-break to half-court offense.
- Several instances of 5-on-5 action, both in the half-court as well as transition, in order to put all the previously worked on elements of team offense to the test.
- A creative end-of-practice team-based free-throw drill that calls for shooting under pressure.

Coach Brey has countless coaching nuggets regarding offensive timing and the many options in the motion offense that make it virtually impossible to scout. For any coach who want to get their team playing better together and advance their offensive effectiveness to the next level, this video gives you a blueprint of how to do exactly that!

105 minutes. 2017.