Will Wade: 1-on-1 Exercises to Improve Individual Skills

Will Wade: 1-on-1 Exercises to Improve Individual Skills
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Learn 10 competitive 1-on-1 drills to build a better team!

- Improve the scoring ability of your players to open up new opportunities for your team's offense
- See a 1-on-1 drill that works on attacking out of transition to give your players valuable experience in making reads against live defense
- Create a team culture that motivates players to be aggressive to create confident scorers and imposing defenders

with Will Wade, LSU Head Coach; former VCU Head Coach; 2016 Atlantic 10 Champions; 2011 Final Four participant as assistant coach (VCU)

It doesn't matter if you're a tactical genius if your players don't have the ability to execute in games. Will Wade shows you how to develop the playmakers you need with 10 1-on-1 practice drills that will develop both sides of the ball. These competitive drills will help your players build a complete game. Your offensive options will expand with abilities to manipulate match-ups, utilize ball screens, and have individuals who can make something happen when all else fails.

Coach Wade's practices utilize as much 1-on-1 as possible. He incorporates 1-on-1 drills for a number of reasons:

- Creates a competitive atmosphere and gets players to play harder in practice, something that translates to games.
- Forces players to work on their overall game. Being able to dribble, shoot, and execute individual moves is an emphasis on offense in terms of skill development. For defensive purposes, 1-on-1 games require that players become good on-ball defenders.
- Exposes weaknesses in players and builds confidence. Success in 1-on-1 gives a player confidence in their individual abilities to play the game.

Competitive 1-on-1 Practice Drills

These 1-on-1 competitive drills cover a variety of teaching points and can be used on a daily basis. They're sure to become your players' favorite part of practice. These drills enable your players to apply their hard work on skills into a game environment that will hard wire these moves into their brains. Learn how you can change the conditions to win in each drill to emphasize either side of the ball. Customize the drills to make them individual or team competitions. Wade also shares rules he implements to develop defensive toughness and scoring efficiency.

Several drills give your offensive players a slight advantage to help them learn how to score on the move and finish at the rim versus a hard contest. Starting with a half-court variation, Wade presents a version of 1-on-1 that requires absolute hustle to stop a would-be driver. With hustle, the defensive player should be able to get to the front of the charge circle and force a shot from that point.

Two drills highlight post play to involve your whole team. Learn how Coach Wade teaches his players to get position to maximize their chances of scoring. Help your posts learn how to keep their real estate by sealing defenders on ball reversal. Train your perimeter players to quickly and easily feed the post versus defensive pressure.

While all of these 1-on-1 drills develop your players on both sides of the ball, a few practice drills give a special emphasis to defense. Including:

- Alley Ball drill to help with developing full court pressure. Players try to pressure the ball to turn as many times as possible before playing live 1-on-1 at the other end.
- The Gauntlet drill is a series of screens and playing 1v1 after fighting through those screens.
- The Turf Wars drill motivates your players by rewarding them on the offensive side of the ball with their defensive effort.

All of these drills will help your players stay in front of the ball and force their opponents into tough shots.

Philosophical Building Blocks

What you get from your players will depend on the culture you build with your team. Wade discusses his approach to getting players to commit to his philosophy of hard work and toughness. You'll learn about statistics that he emphasizes and how he demands effort on these numbers in practice.

Included are four techniques to help improve your offensive rebounding. Develop an aggressive mindset in your players to attack their opponents and set the rules of engagement. You'll also get ideas for preseason team activities that will get your players to understand their role on the team.

These 1-on-1 drills will help you develop the playmakers you need to take your team execution to the next level. If you want to change the culture of your practices or just simply add some great attack drills to your coaching toolbox, this video has what you need.

Produced at the Fall 2016 Baltimore (MD) clinic. 69 minutes. 2017.